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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

"Real" Krishnar's contact no. !!!!

Its Gokulashtami celebrations at Shreya’s school..and she was supposed to be dressed up as Radha for a programme.The last one week saw a little bit of shopping for dupatta,accessories etc…googling to find the way Radha wud be dressedup and she has jus been talkg Radha…

the evening before I had put Mehandi for her and she was all geared up for the day…asking me every other minute “Will u put Mookuthi??” “Will u put lipstick??” “Will Radha wear lipstick??”

After a lot of qn ans session and excitement, I made her lie down to sleep…Suddenly she pops “ Will I look like the “real” Radha on Laptop??  ( effect of googling !!)
I was already half way asleep…I said yes.....
Shreya – What will real Radha say if she sees me?
Amma- She will say, wow !! Shreya is as beautiful as me !!
Shreya – Can we call “real” Radha and Krishna home?? We three will be friends…
Amma- mmmm…Ok…..
Shreya – How will u call? Do u have “ Krishnar” no. with u ???? !!!!!!!
Totally zapped !!!!!!!!!!


  1. What a innocent girl.. Enjoy everybit of this stage.

  2. Hiiii ithu innocence aa?? Over vaai...:-))