Its been my long cherished dream to have my own blogspot...pen my thots...scribble my ordeals...share my bliss...

And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Role Play- Mama the Beast !!

My most fav mom n kiddo time- coloring !!  Oh I jus luv it !! Its  a major stress it once to believe me...We always take a page with two sides to it...she colors one and me another...and the instruction manual will be given by Shreya !! Imp point - Nothing in its natural color...:-))
Roses are blue...mountains are red...Rivers are pink !!!

Its Rhymetime otherwise...hey I know all her rhymes with actions and accent too !! I luv the modern era rhymes...Its better to be kids !!
And the most common - cuddling cartoon time...its better than all those tear jerking serials and unreal reality shows !!

Today...Out of the blue,she said - Role play...and came up with Beauty and the Beast.I said Okie...she jus cudnt bottleup her excitement !!
The best casting director award to Shreya....She -the beauty...Mama -the beast...who else can it be ???And this beauty came in a cute pink cycle instead of horse !!
Oh we had so much fun together...the way she transformed in to beauty...cameup with imaginary dialogues...and in the end,I asked her"Will u marry me beauty?" She said yes and surprised me with a hug n kiss...then said mmm mmmm ....While I was pondering what it meant, she said,"U r a prince now...we have to go happily now !!! "

Elated with her new found game,she wanted Little Red Riding hood next..and no brownies for guessing who the jackal is !!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Dasavatharam isn’t a movie review…Im not talkg abt t our UlagaNayagan’s Dasavatharam…
But yes,it’s the different Avatars of our super model( recently she got this title of Kingfisher super model from her dermatologist !!)…the heroine…the drama queen…SHREYA !!
The last one year has seen Shreya in different Avatars.Dressingup is her passion…and already…
Loves mama’s cosmetics…mama’s bangles…mama’s dresses
Here is presenting Shreya’s Dasavatharam…
Shreya was dressed up as Sania Mirza on Children’s Day celebration at A- school.The idea box- my husband – came up with this nth minute concept.We managed to dress her with a short skirt and a tee.Sania Mirza pic on her tee.Hairband ,hand band,sports shoes and socks,toy tennis bat and a ball adorned…she jus looked Sania.A spl mention abt Shreya was made in Times of Annanagar !!

On Republic Day at A -school,Shreya wore an Army uniform…but she almost looked a Bandit queen !!

A - school celebrated sports day at YMCA.Her entire class was supposed to be dressed as Tweety bird.The  beautiful Tweety bird is all smiles !!

The Summer hols saw Shreya attending a summer camp at Root to Wings.This was conducted by the Pogo fame Mad Rob.Shreya thoroughly enjoyed the art n craft classes.The Finale was a gala event at Chettinad Vidyashram hall.She was part of a Hawaiin Dance.Shreya was on stage for the first time.We were more excited than her!! I was almost jumping on the seats when she was dancing on the stage!!! Shreya jus rocked as a Hawaiin girl !!

The present school swells with activities and celebrations !! It started off with Independence Day celebrations.Shreya was part of a dance depicting different states.She jus looked a Punjabi kudi..Oye balle balle !! I had hired all the costumes…and …she broke the nose ring !!

On Onam she was dressedup as Malayala Mole and was rowing a boat with Vansh Kapil for the traditional Malayala song.Stitched the traditional pavadai sattai- courtesy-Ambika.Amma helped me in buying all the accessories from all the nook and corner petty costume shops!! The next two days we were constantly bombarded with the thatha thaiya song !!

Gokulashtami - As expected, Shreya was Radha !! I set my foot in to shopping …A golden duppatta,accessories,googling to find the way Radha wud be dressedup…I was really on toes for a week!! And on the D day, it took me more than an hour to dress her up..The best thing was her souri and kunjalam !! She was pretty excited with her  looonnggg hair…The otherwise Dora looking Shreya ,looked Indian !!

After all the hoopla of Radha, the hangover continued… Shreya was transformed in to a naughty Krishna on Janmashtami.Courtesy again Ambika with Chinnu’s dress and accessories !!

Shreya’s first Fancy dress contest !! The audio release on the TV ,triggered our brains in to dressingup Shreya as Robot!! With Robo da Robo da playing, she walked the ramp and said in the mildest of voice-Im Enthiran !! Im Robot !! Though at home she did extremely well with her robotic walks….
We hired the dress( though the process of hiring has a big story behind…and till date I curse myself for tht !!) Added antennae to her helmet…Appa made those red lights on the front…and we wrapped her shoes with silver foil !!
We were overwhelmed when she won the prize…she was such a cute looking robot !!

Her class had a project on plants.Shreya was to be dressed as Rose plant representing shrubs and was supposed to mouth a few lines on Shrubs…The practice has been going on for months…Though we were informed pretty earlier, as usual, we postponed to the last minute..which we are very much capable of !!
I delegated the making part to Vj- see , he is good at it !! And I don like taking risks …;-))
Vj made a beautiful stem with thermacoal,wrapped with a green cloth, stuck artificial leaves.I was amazed by his idea of making a head gear with a pink hat !! He cut the middle portion so tht her face wud be seen, stuck artificial roses on the sides !! A Rose adorning a rose plant !!
And I was told by her Guna miss, that she did really well !!

And wish us good luck….Im sure there is still a lot more to come….I ve a lonnggg way to go !!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Stop and Rewind....The Day I was Reborn !!

Shreya is turning 4 on 23 rd Sept...Time jus flies...Im all gearedup for her,fixing the venue,buying gifts,making orders....Suddenly,I pushed the stop button and set my memories in to the rewind mode...
The following post was made for an online contest on for Mothers Day  and I was one of the winners!!
I dedicate this to My Angel on whose birth I was Reborn !!!
Tk U Shreya kutti...its coz of u I was able to share the wonderful experience !!!

Every pregnancy is unique in its own way !! 
From the day I read about this contest I ve been wanting to pen my thots and experience…I ve been munching those days at the back of my mind… 
An insight 
The day we saw the faintest pink double line, It was one of the most thrilling days of my life, to know from that moment forward, nothing would ever be the same.
First Trimester: 
 I was  not lookg  pregnant , but  I had already started feelg it. Today I was moody…next day I was  happy-the culprit -my fluctuating hormones.   Morning sickness was  in full swing.My husband was doing his night shifts…I was in a new city ,in an all new apartment where  only a few had moved in…. at nights all alone..with tears rolling down…
 my nausea continued… puttg me in to all kinds of trouble..I wud nt be able to spk continuously for few minutes over phone…People at the other end can only hear oooovaaa…Thats when my parents decided to join us for a mth!! It was a  grt respite…
I started seeing a slight bulging tummy.Thats when I really believed that I was pregnant.And  I shared the arrival of a new member in the family with others.U know what….I was  bombarded with loads of advice from elders,relatives,friends etc etc…
Second Trimester
I can say without a blink,the BEST honeymoon period…not only of my pregnancy..but of my LIFE !! I was more energetic… I heard a divine call sayg, “Nothing wrong in taking care of yourself.Mark my words….you will never find time for yourself after your sweet little bliss is born”.I took it to my heart and did everything possible to pamper myself and royally allowed others to pamper me!! 
 I hogged everythg that I saw...My husband involved himself in everystage of the pregnancy.I maintained a journal for every mth and took pics so that we can show it to our baby !!!
Mmm..yummy food is something that was always on my mind these days.My husband wud cme back home in the middle of the night and prepare a veg/fruit salad or a sandwich to feed me !!!
I kept myself busy by attending antenatal classes,listening to melodious music,relaxing,exercising,walking and ofcourse  being  forgetfull,dropping things and being clumsy !!!
I luv wearing bangles…I informed my mom that I wanted my Valaikappu in the 6 mth itself so that I can wear it for long..Though my husband’s side, did not have formalities,my MIL ( kudos to her) agreed immdly…And I had the way I wanted it to be…
Third trimester
My belly started looking like a basket ball!!And an itchy belly too… Pushing, Pedalling,Kicking,Cycling… baby’s kickings and somersaults  deprived me of  sleep…but I enjoyed it…
Then comes our search for names…My husband always wanted a girl ..But my hubby refused to shorlist any boy names…Ultimately we settled down on Shreya( which is common name in both Hindu and Jain mythology) and Shreyas for a boy ( since he din wanna think much)
I came to Chennai during the 34 th week.Till the 40 th week, everyweekend my husband wud drive on Sat morng straight frm office to Chennai.Return on Mon morng back to Bglre !! Tks to his co. which gave him paternity leave and he was able to fulfill my desire of being with me during my labour and delivery.
I had my quota of tension with high fever of 103 degrees durg my ninth mth and rashes all over the body when I frequented the hospital in the middle of the nights!!
The labour 
It was Amavasa day and the next day was the first day of  Navarathri.That was my due date Sept 22 nd..My husband had cme down and was stayg since Sept 17 th…and I was worried why haven’t I delivered??? We went for a checkup…came back home…My mom keeps husband was building the steps and placing the dolls and as usual I was givg instructions…We slept at 12 midnite.By 1.00 am I started feeling a little uneasy…Immdly I took my pregnancy bible and looked for symptoms and signs…I waited till 3.00 am and then woke my husband …and then my mom…We started off to the hospital.Had mixed emotions…
When the initial formalities were over,the doc said, “ Its 5.30 am now,if u co operate u will deliver by 8.30 am…U ve already dilated 4 cm”.My husband’s support,God’s grace ,my antenatal lessons  and the doc’s continous encouragement…made me sail thru the labour with absolute ease… 
When I heard the “FIRST CRY”, I saw the clock in front of me on the wall…It was 8.30 am…and I asked the doc what baby? She said girl !! I was overwhelmed with happiness that I din disappoint my husband…I asked the nurse to tell my husband “Its Shreya”. Elated….Exhausted…..The little bundle of Joy was finally in our hands.  
Born on the first day of Navratri…life hasn’t been the same…My whole world exists in her eyes..My greatest achievement so far,,and wud ever be…giving birth to my bliss… I will never be more proud of anything, than I am of being a Mother. I will always be thankful to God  for the gift that has turned me into a mother. 
As a mother you will be reborn with your baby’s birth!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Chef at wrk...

Shreya is grt at mixing...n matching...hey not the dresses..not the people...but anythg edible.Thats her fav pass time at any restaurant !!
The scene
On a lazy Sunday,Me - on phone catchingup with my long lost friend...Vj - engrossed (as usual) in one of his fav movies ...Taking advantage of the situation,the sleuth at home set her hands to work...
Quietly pulled a  chair - climbed the shelf - opened the bournvita dabba - filled her cup to her heart's content - closed it and put it back.Then she had sneaked in to the other room - opened the fridge - poured the chocolate syrup over it...closed it and put it back...
Everything back on shelves..leaving no trace...happily enjoying her own found concoction...
Chocolate smudged face...with a smile of is our little monster with her newly invented recipe..Anybody taking it??

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


If you are not criticized, you may not be doing much – (Donald H. Rumsfeld).

Criticism hurts..Im jus being honest ..If smebdy is sayg NO, either they are TOO Matured or they are lying…
Yes I ve faced criticism... Who hasn’t ???

How do I handle it – If its fair,I take it..think it over…rectify myself…try to avoid it in future

If its unfair,still Im hurt…but once I have collected my senses, I jus laugh at the ignorance of the other person

There are criticisms which are rude- this is where Im trying to stay cool…For those under this category,I wud like them to read this….

“Don’t criticize what you don’t understand, son. You never walked in that man’s shoes.”
Elvis Presley
Lets stop blaming others and look within ourselves..Take full responsibility.Its easier said than done..Its easy to find fault..sometimes it becomes a habit..Sometimes we even endup criticizing the way somebody eats or speaks.We focus on minuscules and find fault with smallest of the issues.

We have seen this group of people who complain...jus coz they have be in the get that undue attention..They don look at the crux and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear !!

Do u think you can live in a world where everybody can think or act the way you do??Rather than criticizing or finding fault, lets try to respect the differences!!Stop blaming and look within urself and try to bring abt a change .Everything in this world keeps changing...

We all are happy being in a comfort zone..Im sure we wud have heard a lot of them say, “ This is the way Iam !!”.These are people who expect others to follow their footsteps and shy away from changes.Life is all about adjustments and accommodations !! You move a step ahead and the other person will run towards you !!Have an open arm can embrace a flock..A closed arm can only embrace U !!

Lets divert our resources in to exploring the situation and implementing the change rather than finding fault.Like a small child explores… Have you ever seen a small child not wanting to try out something new ?They all are always on their toes…Lets Replicate it…

Break the comfy web…Push urself out..Be there..Be the change !!
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Now, after all these...what I like to do more and hear more...APPRECIATIONS !! ;-))

Mother Theresa Says,"There is more hunger in the world for love and appreciation in this world than for bread." We can be no exceptions too !!!