Its been my long cherished dream to have my own blogspot...pen my thots...scribble my ordeals...share my bliss...

And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Nutcracker !!! On 17 th December

Its time to get back to to work.This time we are associating ourselves with Eloquens for their Story Telling Event.Funsquared will handle their promos.
The poster looks quite attractive...Now its time to get people coming !!
Jus hoping we are able to make the magic work again..Need loads of support and encouragement !!
We may have to organise the stalls as well...

The event is on 17 th December

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Hap Hap Happy !!

One of the happiest days...Infact Im so proud, that unusually Im not grounded on to the earth..:-))

Its all coz of my sweet little devil...The Annual Gita Chanting Competitions are a proud fete..more so for kids of CV.All the kids are trained every year to chant the selected verses based on the class they study.Ths yr, it was Chapter 11 for Shreya.
The teachings started as early as in April.Well, there were different levels of selctions.First among the class, then a few selected move on to Inter sections.Only the kids who stand first go ahead and attend the finals which is Interschool.
All the kids chant it so well, kudos to the teachers !!So, its indeed honorable even to be part of the Finals.
Shreya vowed to make it to the finals last year !! What a determination!!

On cloud nine....On Seventh Heaven....For all the efforts my little bundle of Joy had put in for mths...the strenuous practice sessions...rigid competition(believe me all kids r too good and have been trained well), different levels of selection...Today was the Finals- Interschool.

And she did it !! 1 st Prize in the Annual Gita Chanting Competition !! Indeed Proud !!
I almost had tears in my eyes...Jus wanted to scream that my baby did it !!Might sound a little ecstatic but this was so important for both of us !!