Its been my long cherished dream to have my own blogspot...pen my thots...scribble my ordeals...share my bliss...

And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Navratri at Mumbai !!!

After all the hectic schedules, at Mumbai...relaxing..:-))Now that I sd Im relaxing, lemme substantiate..
Saw a couple of movies...
Movie1- Mankatha- over hyped, watch once,total masala flick...smebdy pl answer the loads of loopholes!!VP has moved from underplay to larger than life scenario.

Movie 2- Potta potti-lost amongst all the over hyped movies.simple neat screenplay with subtle humor splashed across the movie.Surprise element-Sadagopan Ramesh..he is indeed a natural actor !! Now he is sure to be in my list of fav actors if not cricketers!!

Soft Soulful Shehnai playing behind...beautifully decorated Mantap with Devi Maa...glittering lights...agenda with Aarti,Garba n Naivedya everyday...
A Navratri sans Golu,But with loads of pomp n n fiesta!!

Our Rapunzel Turns 5 !!!!

23 rd Sept 2011

Days in to Weeks...Weeks in to Months...Months in to Years !!Its been jus like yday.The Day I was Reborn with my Bundle of Joy...The only person who can make me happy and cry at the same time...The only person who can extract varied emotions outta me...
Born on the first day of Navratri…life hasn’t been the same…My whole world exists in her eyes..My greatest achievement so far,,and wud ever be…giving birth to my bliss…
Our little Rapunzel is turning 5 today !!!!

Had an Enchanting Rapunzel birthday...Shreya is over excited with the loads of gifts... Sudha's magical hands did transform the entire evening in to a Magical one !!! Sandy you took us on a beautiful journey into the world of Rapunzel...With lovely friends as guests and wishes n blessings frm all corners- we had a blast !!Tks all for making it truly a Magical Enchanting Birthday !!

Thanks to FB !!

Been active in this social networking site for more than a year now...I think the best thing happened on 5 th Sept !!
Hap hap happy.....My loonnggg...lost friend Geetha found me here !!! after may be 15 years.....We have been searching her for quite sometime...and here she is...
Kanchana Ramprakash,Lakshmi Iyer,Jeyasri Devarajan,Geetha Srikanth....Tks FB for helping us get back together..lets relive our memories of school days n college days ...:-)))

Monday, September 5, 2011

Memorable Wedding Anniversary !!

"9" is indeed my lucky no.
4 th Sept..9 years of togetherness...Falling in love is the easiest part of any relationship, maintaining that relationship is the most difficult part...Tks Vj Vijay Anand for being there more as a friend than anything else...Been thru our ups n downs..highs n lows...but the fact of being together has helped us sail thru the worst and celebrate the best !!

Our celebrations started on 2nd of Sept when we drove down to Coimbatore to celebrate our anniverasry with frnds and their families.The drive was long and sooper cool.We hit Maharaja Theme Park at Avinashi.Shreya enjoyed the water pool like a Little Mermaid inspite of jittering teeth and shivering:-)
There were jus 10 families and we were 3 among them;-)havent been to an empty theme park like this.But believe me, it was all new and the rides were enjoyable.Why wudnt it be when the rides were operated jus for u !!
The second day was more of a pilgrimage tour..a visit to Maasaniamman Kovil at Pollachi,Echanari Pillayar Temple and Perur Sivan Temple was soul satisfying.
At Monkey Falls,Vj and his friends were only young boys..they were back to their good ol days having all the fun in the world!!
Yes Shreya was a bit difficult to handle...coz of her poor eating she was indeed a little cranky...but she jus held everybody with her sloka chanting...devotional songs...and her unstoppable dancing....:-))
On the D day we were at Marudamalai.Though we were plnng for the last 2 days, we were only able make it on Sun.Probabaly,thats how it was meant to be.I was so happy to be at the abode of "Azhagan Murugan".Had a good Dhrashan.We were made to exchange the mala by the kurukkal !!
We set off home after a good lunch.
Beautiful weather....extremely friendly and hospitable friends...laughter without inhibitions...sharing childhood anecdotes were jus a few aspects which made the entire trip so lovely n memorable !!
Tks a ton SK n Gayathri...KC n Sivagami...the kids Guha,Anirudh,Nandu,Deepu were jus adorable!!
Don knw if such days wud ever be back..but "we thoroughly enjoyed" wud only be an understatement!!
Yes we lov loooonnnggg drives...but the drive back for too loonnggg to be spent the entire day in a car..It was almost an Anniversary in Car.Inspite of the lashing rain...terrible roads...heavy traffic due to breakdowns in the ghats...frnd's car brk down, we did enjoy the day .Coz we were jus next to each other doing nothing:-)

If this wasnt enough, we were pressurised by couple of our frnds to visit them watvr time of the day it was...We met Marty at 11.45pm picked the yummy choc truffle cake she had for us..:-)
Back home, we had a surprise !! Candle lit...yummmm choc cake by Ambika n her Fmly !!
Such frnds make us feel that we r indeed lucky n blessed !!
Isnt it a memorable lovely wedding annvrsry ???