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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Our Rapunzel Turns 5 !!!!

23 rd Sept 2011

Days in to Weeks...Weeks in to Months...Months in to Years !!Its been jus like yday.The Day I was Reborn with my Bundle of Joy...The only person who can make me happy and cry at the same time...The only person who can extract varied emotions outta me...
Born on the first day of Navratri…life hasn’t been the same…My whole world exists in her eyes..My greatest achievement so far,,and wud ever be…giving birth to my bliss…
Our little Rapunzel is turning 5 today !!!!

Had an Enchanting Rapunzel birthday...Shreya is over excited with the loads of gifts... Sudha's magical hands did transform the entire evening in to a Magical one !!! Sandy you took us on a beautiful journey into the world of Rapunzel...With lovely friends as guests and wishes n blessings frm all corners- we had a blast !!Tks all for making it truly a Magical Enchanting Birthday !!

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