Its been my long cherished dream to have my own blogspot...pen my thots...scribble my ordeals...share my bliss...

And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A straight line in an ECG- Continued

Since there has been a gap between my earlier post and this one..and its supposed to be a continuation,I sat down to list my Ups...
Well, how much ever I could was only the achievements of Shreya which was enveloping my mind...isnt there anything else???
Now that is what I call a normal motherhood (Jus tried a Terence's signature comment on DID !!)
You crib on one hand,and you are proud of your little one on the other...And yes, I am normal too..:-)) ( Thats a solace)
The prizes have indeed been pouring during the last couple of months...I was controlling myself from posting it on any social networking site..;-) people scare me about eye casting n drishti...don know whether to believe it or not..But I just wanted to stay safe.

The additions are - She did win 1 st prize at our own Nature Dream contest for Action Rhymes.It was 1 st Prize in Story Telling and Rhymes at Tiny Tulips.Followed by 1 st in Rhymes,3 rd in Sloka and Consolation (for the first time)in coloring at Skyz is d Limit !!

Not to forget the Best Student Award for LKG at school.It was a proud moment...As I always say, the class is filled with sooper smart kids..and to surpass them is indeed an achievement..:-)
Then came the sports day,history repeated with a 3 rd place in running...The drill by the UKG kids was so very colorful with the tiny umbrellas.

The Science Project at Main school was nerve cracking !! Yes, she was one among the 5 selected for the project.We had to make a thermocal model depictg Chinese culture.Make her memorize a few lines explaining the project(Thank God,the teacher gave the lines),download a chinese song for 1 minute and teach her to dance..and the only one from her class...while other classes had either group or couple dances...

To add more spice, we Moms were preparing for our group dance performance at Parents/Grandparents Day !!! We won the 2 nd prize...but we shd have been 1 st is wat we all think and ofcourse a few well wishers and teachers felt the same...

End of the day,amidst all the high pressure and hectic schedule, I knew I was quietly enjoying everybit of it !! Coz I was doing what I like the most ..:-)

Vj's 1.5 day weekend presence nurtured our family bonding time...we celebrated the Valentines Day over the weekend with 3 back to back movies and a diamond ring..;-)))

Friday, February 17, 2012

A straight line in an ECG....

I got this sms from a friend - The ups and downs in Life are very important to keep us going.Bcoz a straight line even in an ECG mean "we are not Alive" !!

So very true...and I have been going thru this ups and downs Im so happy about something and the next day is a total disaster.But yes, not to worry...these are recoverable disasters..Jus that it needs a little introspection and maturity to handle the situations !!

The Downs !!

The ones Im gonna crib about-the 14 months Vanavas that we have been going thru...Yes, initially Vj and myself were prepared for the 1 year long distance relationship when he moved to Mumbai.His monthly "official" visits, our twice a year visit during summers n Navratri,just kept the distance minimal.
Distance makes the heart grow fonder?? Now I can vouch- Yes it does !! :-)
The sad truth is no one really bothers to acknowledge the difficulties of keeping up a long distance relationship.Its a challenge and we sailed thru somehow... so far....
What after a big question mark now.While Vj is tryg his level best to transport himself physically here,things arent going the way we want to be...

How long??? How much more time??? When?? Well, Nobody has the key to these questions...and makes me feel like a babe in the woods..:-( For Vj, its being over a barrel !!

The second fact of anguish- My health.Now, thats purely on my negligence..:-( You call it sup.spinatus tendinitis...or in simple terms-the thinning of ur tendon,its absolutely something that I have acquired coz of my ignorance.They call it Gym injury...I did...over did...and the end result,terrible pain on the shoulders coupled with cervical spondylisis.Definitely not an age to be talking about...But yes, i have come to terms with my problem and doing my best to save my shoulders and ofcourse the rest of my body...
It all started with a severe pain on the neck n shoulder one fine day after our last back to back events.Though the pain has been there ...don know ever since when!
Vj flew down...X rays,MRI ...finally trying to protect ..preserve...with physio...loads of lifestyle changes with tons of dos n donts !!!
thank God !! Surgery isnt reqd...a few more days of negligence wud have endedup there... is wat the doc said..:-(

Okie,my last n final distress- Shreya..I know most of u giving me a dismal look...but the super smart kid-as others call her,is becoming an uncontrollable brat at home...Probably she is going thru a lotta turbulence too...missing her dad !! But, its become a point where Im forced to deal with my guilty pangs almost every day....after I blow the lid off !!!

Now that, I have already spent a lotta time on laptop penning this,gonna take a break and be back with refreshing UPs !!!