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Monday, October 25, 2010

Condemn,Criticise,Complain....Lets Change !!!

These days I find a lot of programmes or articles complaining about the govt.,the public services,the law,the system…and it also boils down to ur friends,family,neighbor….sometimes the husband and the kids fall under this category too !!
Lets stop blaming others and look within ourselves..Take full responsibility.Its easier said than done..Its easy to find fault..sometimes it becomes a habit..Sometimes we even endup criticizing the way somebody eats or speaks.We focus on minuscules and find fault with smallest of the issues.
We have seen this group of people who complain...jus coz they have be in the get that undue attention..They don look at the crux and turn a blind eye and a deaf ear !!

Do u think you can live in a world where everybody can think or act the way you do??Rather than criticizing or finding fault, lets try to respect the differences!!Stop blaming and look within urself and try to bring abt a change .Everything in this world keeps changing...

We all are happy being in a comfort zone..Im sure we wud have heard a lot of them say, “ This is the way Iam !!”.These are people who expect others to follow their footsteps and shy away from changes.Life is all about adjustments and accommodations !! You move a step ahead and the other person will run towards you !!Have an open arm can embrace a flock..A closed arm can only embrace U !!

Lets divert our resources in to exploring the situation and implementing the change rather than finding fault.Like a small child explores… Have you ever seen a small child not wanting to try out something new ?They all are always on their toes…Lets Replicate it…

Break the comfy web…Push urself out..Be there..Be the change !!
“Be the change you want to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi

Feel nice after this sermon...ha ha ha...Let me first try to follow these...Even a step ahead is good will help me grow in leaps n bounds !!

Mathru Devo Bhava !!!

Last year when I heard about  "Mathru Pooja " from one of my friends,I just brushed it aside…quietly smiling…It sounded melodramatic to me …
This year, when I got the circular from the school about Mathru Pooja, I asked Shreya- Do you want to do it? She said yes.
The list of things to be brought was mentioned in the circular.We were at the school at 9.45 am.
Moms were made to sit on a chair.Kids below.The instructions were clearly given on the mic…And the tiny tots were so enthusiastic to do the Pooja.
Feet was washed with water.Then Kum kum Chandan to the feet …then they offered to Amma.Flowers on the feet…a garland around the neck…By now I was really overwhelmed !! Little droplets of tears waiting to drop down…just trying to control …not to reveal that Im an emotional  fool !!
I choked when she fell down to take my blessing..I wish there were words to explain what I went thru…It was a fantastic feeling !!!Absolutely moving…sentimental…touchy…I will never be more proud of anything, than I am of being a Mother.Thank God for the gift !!!
Don know if she really understood what she was doing…But she jus said,in the eve, “ Amma, wasn’t it nice in the morning to do tht Pooja for Amma??”.
I said yes !!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Shiva Shakthya Yuktho....Navaratri Golu 2010

Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadhike
Sharanye trayambake gauri, Narayani namostute

O Mother ! You are the personification of all that is auspicious, benevolent form of Lord Shiva, You bestow Divine energy and help people achieve righteousness, wealth, fulfill desires and liberation.You are worthy of being surrendered to. Three eyes adorn You. O Narayani Devi, I pay obeisance to You !  

Worship of the three divine Goddesses !!!

Golu always brings in fond memories of childhood.Amma was /is so religious.The Kuthu Vilaku Pooja,Lalitha Sahasranamam,Amma in 9 yard saree,Ambal  decorated beautifully in different Avatars at the temple,building of the 7 steps with the available dabbas n tins frm the attic….kids parading in all Holy fancy dress costumes-but no contest,no prize…all winners with a packet of  spicy sundal !! What a contentment !!!

The house- always filled with friends n relatives,the smell of mallipoo,plethora of godliness and who can forget the yummy sundals n puttu ???

Shreya was born on the first day of Navaratri…I started it only from her first bday…This festival always holds a spl place…the gala…the celebration…the divinity…the networking…joy of giving- it’s a culmination of all!!

On the Amavasya day we had booked  for Enthiran.Dont u think thts a nice way to start off the holidays..Now ,the experience with the Robot calls for a separate blog.But the point here is, I had placed all the bommais in the morning .Came back and accessorized the Golu with Vj’s help.

The first Day of Navaratri-Friday- Saintly combo !! Had invited a few close friends…Tht was jus a start…But after tht our Golu had visitors everyday…Meetg the newly made friends ( Rums  N Jayashree)…catchingup with all the old friends in person after a looonnngg time... not to mention Periammas,Mami n cousins !!! Oh wow …will they ever dropin otherwise ???

It was a small – crockery cupboard converted- fully protected ( we even had a key for it !!) display of all bommais  ( Courtesy- our ever inquisitive,naughty Shreya ).

Though she did promise-“Amma ,I wont touch the bommais”.I knew it was jus a politically correct promise !!
The best part was the way Shreya had imbibed Paatti’s heritage…She loved dressingup each single day…gave chandan kumkum including the vethalai pakku to everybody without exception.And yes,nobody cud escape from her newly learnt Golu song taught by her very own Guna miss !!This indeed was a pleasant surprise to all of us from the “ jaunty joy”!!She really caught us napping this time  :-)) Shreya was pretty much like a storm in the tea cup !!
Here is the link to her performance

A family get to on Sarawasthi Pooja…All the fete came to a climax on Vijayadsami with Shreya joining her Bharatanatyam class- “Bharatham Aarambham” !! Seeking the wishes and blessings of one and all !!

Pics of the naive Golu

Monday, October 18, 2010


It jus means tht Im back to the normal day to day actvts...

Its been a fun filled...hectic..people meetg ( no virtual communities or social netwrkg) Navratri.I havent placed all the bommais back...they have been here for the last 10 days..and it really upsets me to put them back !!( jus an excuse for my laziness ;-))
I was tellg Shreya last night tht she shd go to sleep early..need to go to school 2mrw...expectg her to whine for sometime.I was in for a small surprise !! She said " Amma I enjoyed the holidays..It was nice..Tk u!!" ( only englipees these days !!!)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where is Valmiki??

Bored with panchantantra, jataka, imaginery dragon tales...we decided to intoduce the grt Epic Ramayan to Shreya...After its release,a few days back, Ramayan was running full shows...morning,matinee,evening,night...both oral n visual ( DVD).
Every time she comesup with umpteen questions in the mythology...Infact Im searching for Valmiki this time :-) These are jus a few leaves out of the page...
Scene 1
Viswamitrar is askg Dasarathar to send Ramar n Lakshmanar with him to the jungle to protect the yagam frm Arakkis( !!). Dasarathar is vry upset..says cant send them..they are too...young.

Shreya- Anuppa vendiya thaane..poi sanda pottutu kalyanam pannindu vara vendiya thaane( !!) ithula enna azhugai ???

And when I was tellg her about the way Sita was abducted by Ravana, she was so..worrd and asked innocently,Sita ammakku phone panni sonnangala??? :-))
Scene 2
Hanuman flies over the ocean..reaches Lanka..meets Sita and gives the kanaiyazhi.Tells Seetha to sit on his shoulder so tht he can take her to Rama.Seetha refuses..says only Rama shd cme and take her back .

Shreya- Haiyyo..pesama intha Ramar Hanuman shoulder la ukkandu vanthu irukkalam...then both Sita n  Rama rendu shoulders la ukkandu thirumbi poi irrukkalam...yen appadi pannala ??? yennnn? yennn??

Why??? Engappa Valmiki?? Lets ask him...any explanations..most welcome!!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Four- Roar n Soar !!

Hey…Its Dora’s birthday…I mean the Dora of our house….Shreya’s 4 th bday !!
Yes…I wanted to have a Dora theme party this time..I was more excited..elated..spirited and energized  than Shreya… A lotta backend research gave me wonderful party ideas!! Organising a party requires great planning.I wasn’t planning an extravagant one…but definitely one where it wud be a heyday for all the kids!! A fun filled day for Shreya with her close pals…
Lots of googling…brainstorming..mind boggling discussions( !!)…we finalized the venue- Subway Annanagar.Made a list of invitees.Sent them Dora e-invites.Where the tag read-Games first,Cake next, Food last !!
Shopping for Shreya n the family,return gifts,chocolates,gifts for the games,deciding on the menu…the list was endless!!
On 23 rd we kept it simple.Chocolates to school,Afternoon cake cuttg at home- courtesy-Ambika,Ratha Seva at RAGHAVENDRA Swamy temple in the eve.Dinner at a restaurant.Taking the footsteps of our goodold friends out of the cty,we postponed the celebration to Sat-25 th Sept – over the weekend !!
Morning saw me giving last minute instructions at Subway ( Im sure they must ve branded me crazy!!) – on the colors of balloons..checkg on the projector…Dora posters n stickers…and I was asking them for the n th time J
It was a breezy eve,all set,all deckedup in purpley…we arrived at the venue…as usual lateL.We were greeted by Damini n fmly and Ereena n her mom. Early birds-Sorry dears we made u wait…
Slowly the mood set in…The Dora theme music was the background score for the day !!The kids immdly were in to the ball pit..screaming and screeching :-)) The guests were greeted with a welcome drink and cocktail samosas.
Ramya n Jishnu  ( we missed Madhu),Kichu (as Shreya lovingly calls Krishnapriya) n fmly,Vansh with the Kapils,Rekha n Shruthi( Oh we missed Arun too..wish u had stayed back for more time),the twins-Aryan n Adhu,Shreya’s pona jenmathu sister ( !!) Shreeya and my All in All Ambika( or shd I giv a different title now??),Chinnu n Kumar -were the last to join us( yes..after the cake cuttingL) almost completed the guest list.
It was jus fun n frolic time…the kids laughed,bellowed,cheered.And for all of us parents, it was time to catchup with each other.We tried to calm them down with the Dora DVD on the projector,but the kiddos were more keen on the machine equipped games.
It was time for cake cutting…It was a delight to see Shreya feeding each n every kid with a small piece of cake( Is it our devil ??)
My fav part of the entire party- Games time…It was passing the backpack.The backpack was filled with goodies.Dora music playing…whoever has the backpack when the music stops gets a gift from Dora.So, no winner…no loser…everybody wins!! Gift-pack of crayons.
Second game- gave a coloring sheet with Dora n boots to all kids.Made them color with the crayons given …Whoever colors beautifully gets a gift-and all kids did color it amazingly well with so much of enthusiasm n interest !! So gift for all J
It was  return gifts time… popper blasting…snowy all around …
THEN ,comes the best part-Food…which party is complete without filling our tummies with yummies..Soaked our teeth into double chocolate cookies,crunching the crispy wafers and mouthwatering Subs.Quenched our thirst with Ice tea !!( NO eye keepg Okie).
Downsides – Missed Mala n was too bad tht the entire fmly loved red!! ( Oh they all had a red eye!!) Martina- where r u??? Too bad di…ur friend missed u so muchL Ambika- no excuses for coming late !!! :-))
Thanks a ton all moms n dads –  for making it more sprightly n lively…the adorable kids made the celebration even more special.All  gifts were exclusive and very thoughtful !! Zillion tks…
When I asked Shreya,if she enjoyed, she gave me a tight hug…I don need words to explain …A sense of satisfaction… A feeling of fulfillment…
Here is treat for ur eyes...