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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Where is Valmiki??

Bored with panchantantra, jataka, imaginery dragon tales...we decided to intoduce the grt Epic Ramayan to Shreya...After its release,a few days back, Ramayan was running full shows...morning,matinee,evening,night...both oral n visual ( DVD).
Every time she comesup with umpteen questions in the mythology...Infact Im searching for Valmiki this time :-) These are jus a few leaves out of the page...
Scene 1
Viswamitrar is askg Dasarathar to send Ramar n Lakshmanar with him to the jungle to protect the yagam frm Arakkis( !!). Dasarathar is vry upset..says cant send them..they are too...young.

Shreya- Anuppa vendiya thaane..poi sanda pottutu kalyanam pannindu vara vendiya thaane( !!) ithula enna azhugai ???

And when I was tellg her about the way Sita was abducted by Ravana, she was so..worrd and asked innocently,Sita ammakku phone panni sonnangala??? :-))
Scene 2
Hanuman flies over the ocean..reaches Lanka..meets Sita and gives the kanaiyazhi.Tells Seetha to sit on his shoulder so tht he can take her to Rama.Seetha refuses..says only Rama shd cme and take her back .

Shreya- Haiyyo..pesama intha Ramar Hanuman shoulder la ukkandu vanthu irukkalam...then both Sita n  Rama rendu shoulders la ukkandu thirumbi poi irrukkalam...yen appadi pannala ??? yennnn? yennn??

Why??? Engappa Valmiki?? Lets ask him...any explanations..most welcome!!


  1. valmiki kediachara??? :)) how intelligent shreya is to come up wid such solutions! good luck finding d answers shobs :)

  2. wow superb soln to tht gr8 epic.Valmiki-ku theriyame poche:))
    Did u see tht movie Ramayana??

  3. Nann Ravanan thaan paarthen...:-)) which one r u referrg?athulainda qns ku answers irukka?

    Tks Ramya...wait for Adhya to cropup with all these n more !!

  4. Enna oru intelligent question and simple solutions. Wish they had followed it too.