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Monday, October 25, 2010

Mathru Devo Bhava !!!

Last year when I heard about  "Mathru Pooja " from one of my friends,I just brushed it aside…quietly smiling…It sounded melodramatic to me …
This year, when I got the circular from the school about Mathru Pooja, I asked Shreya- Do you want to do it? She said yes.
The list of things to be brought was mentioned in the circular.We were at the school at 9.45 am.
Moms were made to sit on a chair.Kids below.The instructions were clearly given on the mic…And the tiny tots were so enthusiastic to do the Pooja.
Feet was washed with water.Then Kum kum Chandan to the feet …then they offered to Amma.Flowers on the feet…a garland around the neck…By now I was really overwhelmed !! Little droplets of tears waiting to drop down…just trying to control …not to reveal that Im an emotional  fool !!
I choked when she fell down to take my blessing..I wish there were words to explain what I went thru…It was a fantastic feeling !!!Absolutely moving…sentimental…touchy…I will never be more proud of anything, than I am of being a Mother.Thank God for the gift !!!
Don know if she really understood what she was doing…But she jus said,in the eve, “ Amma, wasn’t it nice in the morning to do tht Pooja for Amma??”.
I said yes !!


  1. i really don't have words shobs.... very touching... i would have easily cried!!
    and btw, very cute uniform :)

  2. True was really an emotional moment...Tks-on the uniform...

  3. A touching moment indeed..

  4. Touching...Touching..

  5. Ma'am Can you add more pics. These are touching moments.

  6. Anonymous- these are the only pics tht we took:-) anyways tks for commentg...

  7. Its one of the most touching blogs which I ever came across. I am not sure if your kid understood the depth meaning of her offering to you. But one day when she understands that , I am sure she will know that it was the best day of her life.

  8. Wow!! Nice. I wish we could get some of this culture to the western world where I reside.
    A similar 'thanks' to the teachers who work so hard during the formative years would be good too!

  9. Yes true a similar gesture should be extended to teachers as well.

  10. Tks all those who have posted ur comments here...I wish I cud address all those anonymous by names..:-)

    Yeah...Thats the reason I registered it tht some day she will see this..n read this...

    Teachers definitely do need to be recognised...Infcat thats why in Indian culture we say Matha Pitha Guru Deivam...The teacher is just next to Mom n Dad !!

  11. You are lucky, on one side children send their parents to oldage home and then there is you whose daughter is washing your feet.

  12. I dont think this was good