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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Divine Experience !!!

Balashree Harinie Jeevitha is how I wud like to call her.The official intimation about the award has already been recd.( hope its answers all brows raised).She is waiting to recieve the honor from the President of India.

A class 10th Student in PSBB.With  lot of awards and prestigious performances in her kitty…

Her performance yday at Kapaleeswarar Temple was a precise display of Bhava Raga Tala.She just made a flattering impression on everybody gathered there.

Should I say she is gifted..or is she blessed..or is she talented??? I think she is combination of all three…and a rare combo.The highlight of the evening was a Varnam on Ambal…the way she depicted her Karunai…especially in the story of Abirama Bhattar-when the Goddess appears before Abirama Bhattar,he surrenders in Her feet with utmost devotion…and Harinie jus fell flat on the dais …a Shashtanga Namaskara…with a dhadal !!!

That’s when tears started rolling out..and I jus couldn’t it for her passion…for her expression…or the devotion that she conveyed thru her dance ??? A million dollar question…A huge round of applause from the crowd…and she just continued with her Varnam as if nothing had happened !!! Her expressions are her strength.Abhinaya cannot be taught. It ought to be felt from within by a dancer. And Harinie does it with ease.

We all were bound by her explicit expressions…She made us cry,laugh,envy and made us identify with a Divine source.There was so much positive vibration.There was a certain Divinity in her dance !!!Its been 24 hrs since the performance and Im still not out of the trance !!Im still nodding my head in utter cud a small girl be so...very expressive !!

Harinie was full of energy and enthusiasm till the end and it showed her several hundreds of hours of rigid practice and rehearsals.It was indeed a great moment for me…I was just not proud of her..but a pride…that she is my niece !!! And it was a blessing for all us to watch such a scintillating performance!!

She is here to make a mark !!!And I think she is born to dance !!
To know more about Harinie

The Day I was Reborn- For the Fire Freeze Contest

I dedicate this to My Angel on whose birth I was Reborn !!!
Tk U Shreya kutti...its coz of u I am able to share the wonderful experience !!!

From the day I read about this contest I ve been wanting to pen my thots and experience…I ve been munching those days at the back of my mind…

An insight 

The day we saw the faintest pink double line, It was one of the most thrilling days of my life, to know from that moment forward, nothing would ever be the same.

First Trimester

I was not looking pregnant , but I had already started feeling it. Today I was moody…next day I was happy-the culprit -my fluctuating hormones. Morning sickness was in full swing.My husband was doing his night shifts…I was in a new city ,in an all new apartment where only a few had moved in…. at nights all alone..with tears rolling down…

My nausea continued… putting me in to all kinds of trouble..I wud nt be able to speak continuously for few minutes over phone…People at the other end can only hear oooovaaa…Thats when my parents decided to join us for a month!! It was a great respite…

I started seeing a slight bulging tummy.Thats when I really believed that I was pregnant.And I shared the arrival of a new member in the family with others.U know what….I was bombarded with loads of advice from elders,relatives,friends etc etc…

Second Trimester

I can say without a blink,the BEST honeymoon period…not only of my pregnancy..but of my LIFE !! I was more energetic… I heard a divine call sayg, “Nothing wrong in taking care of yourself.Mark my words….you will never find time for yourself after your sweet little bliss is born”.I took it to my heart and did everything possible to pamper myself and royally allowed others to pamper me!!

I hogged everythg that I saw...My husband involved himself in everystage of the pregnancy.I maintained a journal for every month and took pics so that we can show it to our baby !!!

Mmm..yummy food is something that was always on my mind these days.My husband would come back home in the middle of the night and prepare a veg/fruit salad or a sandwich to feed me !!!
I kept myself busy by attending antenatal classes,listening to melodious music,relaxing,exercising,walking and ofcourse being forgetfull,dropping things and being clumsy !!!

Third trimester

My belly started looking like a basket ball!!And an itchy belly too… Pushing, Pedalling,Kicking,Cycling… baby’s kickings and somersaults deprived me of sleep…but I enjoyed it…

I had my quota of tension witha high fever of 103 degrees during my ninth month and rashes all over the body when I frequented the hospital in the middle of the nights!!

The labour 

It was Amavasa day and the next day was the first day of Navarathri.That was my due date Sept 22 nd.. and I was worried why haven’t I delivered??? We went for a checkup…came back home…My mom keeps husband was building the steps and placing the dolls and as usual I was giving instructions…We slept at 12 midnite.By 1.00 am I started feeling a little uneasy…Immediately I took my pregnancy bible and looked for symptoms and signs…I waited till 3.00 am and then woke my husband …and then my mom…We started off to the hospital.

Had mixed emotions…
When the initial formalities were over,the doc said, “ Its 5.30 am now,if u co operate u will deliver by 8.30 am…U have already dilated 4 cm”.My husband’s support,God’s grace ,my antenatal lessons and the doc’s continous encouragement…made me sail thru the labour with absolute ease…

The doctor said,Congrats !!! I saw the clock in front of me on the wall…It was 8.30 am…and I asked the doc what baby? She said girl !! I was overwhelmed with happiness that I din disappoint my husband…I asked the nurse to tell my husband “Its Shreya”.

The magical moment…Elated….But at the same time Exhausted… The little bundle of Joy was finally in our hands. But the responsibilities ahead bogged down my confidence .Will I be able handle this tiny tot on hand??? Lot of questions flushing my mind…I din know whether I should feel happy or sad !!!!!

Born on the first day of Navratri…life hasn’t been the same…My whole world exists in her eyes..My greatest achievement so far,,and wud ever be…giving birth to my bliss… I will never be more proud of anything, than I am of being a Mother. I will always be thankful to God for the gift that has turned me into a mother.

Every pregnancy is unique in its own way !!

As a mother you will be reborn with your baby’s birth!!
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Heads Up !! Be Proud !!

This one is jus a forwarded mail..But worth a read..

The officer at the Driving License counter asked the lady "What is your occupation?"

The woman seeking renewal of her license seemed to be puzzled. So the officer said "Ma'am, are you employed, have your own business


The woman replied "Oh, yes!! I have a full time occupation. I am a mother"

Officer: "We don't have 'mother' as an option for occupation. I will write it down as 'Housewife'. That takes care of all questions."

This had happened long ago, and was forgotten. Years later when I went to get my license, the Public Relations Officer was a somewhat pompous. woman.

"Your occupation?" she asked in a rather authoritative tone.

I just had an inspiration and replied "I am a researcher in the field of Child Development, Nutrition and Inter-personal Relationships"

The lady officer stared at me in amazement. I calmly repeated my statement and she wrote it down verbatim. Then, unable to conceal her curiosity, she politely asked "What exactly do you do in your profession, Ma'am?"

I was feeling good about having described my occupation so calmly and confidently. So I replied "My research projects have been going on for a number of years (Mothers never retire!!). My research is conducted in the laboratory as well as in the field. I have two bosses. (One is

God and the other is my entire family). I have received two honours in this field. (A son and a daughter) My topic is considered to be the most difficult part of sociology.(All moms will agree!!). I have to work more than 14 hours every day. Sometimes even 24 hours are not

enough and the challenges are tougher than many other professions. My compensation is in terms of mental satisfaction rather than money"

I could see that the officer was thoroughly impressed. After completing the licensing formalities, she came to the door to see me off.

This new viewpoint about my occupation made me feel much better on my way back home. I was welcomed by my 5 year old research assistant at the door. My new project (my 6 month old baby) was energetically practicing her 'music'.

I had earned a small victory over the Governmental red tape today. I was no longer 'merely a mother', instead I was now a highly placed functionary in a service vital for mankind - Motherhood!!

'Mother' - Isn't it a great title. Fit to be added to the nameplate on the door!! By this standard, grandmothers deserve to be called Senior Research Officers, and Great Grandmothers qualify as 'Research Directors'. Aunts and other ladies of that age group can be called 'Research Facilitators'

Please share this with all mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, all ladies currently holding posts like didi-tai-chachi-mami-mausi-bua ...... They will all shower you with blessings and life will be happier.

Matrudevo bhava !! (मात्रुदेवो भव ।)

Im gonna get back to this blog whenever I feel low...Feel proud about my research and job !! Would you??

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wow !! Sooper !! Excellent !!

Expectation..The longing to get appreciated…looks like these chromosomes are more in women than men..and that is what I read in a recent article.

Hey is my new salwar??how is my new haircut??My son has won a prize in drawing competition..Do you know what he did…..I tried a new recipe today…learnt it from from XZ site….

Doesn’t it ring a bell somewhere??

New Facial,new jewelery bought,designer wear,sudden burst of interests,newly learned art,long forgotten talents….when we don hear those exclamatory words,it doesn’t satisfy our heart…we aren’t content with the fact of having done something new…It has to be noticed…Appreciated..Commended…atleast from the near n dear ones…Else the mind doesn’t rest..:-)

Common on..why shouldn’t we…I am ready to be a torch bearer for this community !!

I can hear all those from Mars yelling..What the heck appreciation for all those day to day chores??

A single word, a smile,a nod,a thumbs up…is jus what I ask for is what the ones from Venus are debating…Cant I expect that from my dear husband..from my close family…tops a woman’s mind !!
Infact there are those thousands of women who if by chance are commended for something,do not even know that they have to blurt a small “thanks”….:-) Coz they are not used to it !!!:-((

But lets not suppress ourselves in to this small world of appreciation and praises…Lets acknowledge the fact that it is the same husband..same kith n kin who stay with us in times of need…times of danger…times of trouble…

Ithu enakke oru self realization blog..:-))

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Mrs Homemaker Part 4

We all were waitg for the announcement of the finalists for the Grand Finale.Kuyili did a grt job !!! One by one the names were announced....I actually din know what to pray for..whether to be in finals or not to be....if Im part of the finals, then I ve to put in more efforts...more practice...more out of home....more of leavg my 1 yr od daughter with my parents...more of pickg and droppg by my husband...more tension.....

Shd I be selected ????Million Dollar Qn....And yes....My name was announced....I was thrilled...I was one of the 12 finalists shorlisted!!!!

We had voting by the contestants to choose any 2 frm the eliminated ones...and we chose 2 more to make the finalists 14.

From here on starts the real competitive spirit...To be very frank, I never took the contest so seriously until then...Now I know ,I really have to excel..have to do smethg to impress the judges....

We had 2 group performances.One had all the 14 finalists.We danced for "Oru Koodai Sunlight" frm the movie Sivaji.All dressed up smartly in a white full hand satin shirt,black trouser, black hat, tie, black slipon...The dance had simple yet elegant movements so that everybdy cud dance.

The other one was choreographed by The John Britto Dance Co. I shd say that we all were privileged with this opportunity.Now we see JB Group performg in every other fn and part of most of the dance reality shows...Imagine in 2007 we had the opportunity to learn frm them..And only a selected few!!!This one was a fusion music..3 on the left side had western movements, 3 on the right side had folk movements and 2 in the centre Bhrathanatyam..I was in the centre with another contestant !!!!

Now for my dancing skils, I had learnt Bhrathanatyam in my school days...its like a long forgotten art...But they made me realise that " marandu thaan pochu, marainchu pogalai"

I thoroughly enjoyed the practice sessions..those 2 weeks were like real hectic...practice in the morng for Sivaji song in Annanagar....practice in the eve for JB Dance in Nungambakkam...inbetween in the afternoon practicg our invidual performances !!!! My God I jus cudnt believe that I cud handle so much physically, mentally...we all had come down on weight as well !!! And that was an indirect benefit !!!!

For my individual perf I took a fusion instrumental music,my cousin's daughter is an excellent classical dancer-she has danced all over India and believe me , she is jus in her 10 th Std.She choreographed for me !!! It was a combination of Kathakali, Kuchpudi, Kathak, Manipuri and Bharathanatyam...bend niminthu pochu.....I was tryg to drive the point of National Integration and my costume also depicted the same....

Now all the practice sessions, going around shoppg for costumes and jewelery were all over and we all over waitg for the D Day !!!

The day before the event we all gathered at Kamaraj arangam...can u guess at wat time???

At 10 pm for a practice...we had to get accustomed to the stage, lights etc....

Finished our practice around 12.00 midnight...back home....

The next day by afternoon we all were there at the venue...still more practice, followed by make up and dressing....As said earlier ,we had 2 group dances and then individual performances...

After which they shortlisted 9 out of 14 for a situation round..This was done by Abhishek of Kolangal fame...We were supposed to answer with some masala and make it funny...After that The final 5 was announced....My heart missed a beat when I heard my name in the Final 5 !!!!

The final round was a qn ans round.One qn...we were given a minute to write down the answer ..and then read out whatvr we have written...As fate had it.....I thot i answered well....probably I din impress the judges ....I cudnt go ahead and win the crown...

Anyways, I was so happy that I was able to make it till the end...and I vent lost anthg...I ve only gained so much experience, learnt new things, made new friends !!!!

Here cmes an end to my longest blog !!!

Indi Rank 50 !!

That was a good way to start the day....I opened my mail box to get the happy news frm Indiblogger tht they have ranked me at 50...

My excitement might sound silly to all those experienced bloggers and the ones on the other side of the scale...But,For a starter like me,its smething to celebrate...
As they claim- It's like runs in a game of cricket - the higher the score, the higher ranking you have. Blogs are ranked on a scale of 1-100.

Im already half way thru...:-)
And I like their way of ranking..Its not based on popularity..Its based on how deservg a blog is to become popular...

Well,That Is Motivating...Pushes you to blog more..share more...

Tks a ton for the all the support dear friends who untiringly read my blogs...( which I get to know thru the feed)...and a few staunch motivators who also make sure they post their comments here !!!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy or Sad ???

Open Day for Shreya and butterflies in my stomach...
Wondering wat the teacher is gonna grumble about..My ears cud already hear a few dialogues from the teacher...Rehearsing my reactions...I stepped in to the room...
She was already meetg a parent..there were a few others waiting already..gave a sly smile and sat down.
She gave me the report card..sorry the book and asked me to have a look while she finished off with others...There were a few assessment sheets...flipped thru one by heart beatg faster...But then,every sheet gave me the assurance and told me not to worry !!!
Now u cud see a lotta confidence on my face and a brave smile on my if I have achieved smethg..
Then I slowly opened the Assessment book...all the "A" s had gone a step further in to "A +" !!
Mathematics -all A+...Art n craft all A +...Personality n Development were still in B improvement:-((
Here cmes my turn...Mam shreya is very good in Academics...No problem..Not to worry...But Mam...listening...I don have to tell u...I cud see the helplessness in her eyes;-)
Ha..thot Shreya turned a deaf ear at home..But din know tht the teacher was also sailing on the same boat !!!
Should I feel happy or sad ???

A+ Outstanding
A Excellent
B Good

Circus Capers !!

Jumbo Circus…
It was a holiday for Shreya and we decided to keep her busy with some interestg stuff when my Mom reminded abt the circus in the city.I was a little reluctant but then decided to take a chance…Good we made it…Else we wud have missed smethg amazing !!

Worth its money..than the 200 bucks we wud spend for a movie ticket and return complaining...Amazed by the talent,timing,coordination!!
The have definitely made a lotta changes to the agenda…Must be the effort of sme Animal Welfare Orgn..there were less animals and more humans !!

The juggler was simply superb…I was awestruck by the trapeze acts…The lady who did the acrobats on the cycle was all smiling but at the same time was so perfect…The clowns had little job to do and din evoke much laughter…

The special acts by the African artistes was new and daring too !!

Parrots were as usual…The camels were at the receivg end..Poor ones..din like the fact that they were whipped !! The highlight was the Shiva Pooja by the elephant..Yet again the elephant proved its much above its friends !! A soothing music as a background,the elephant poured water,vibhuti n kum kum…broke the coconut in to 2 equal halves…offered the Mala and also did Namaskaram !! Wow wat a sight to watch…and no whippg…no instructions…

But it was heart breakg to see a less crowded arena..But tht did not dampen the spirits of the performers..they gave their best..jus as they wud have done for a full packed house!!

Though I was over bitter cup was the hawkers selling all kinds of junk every second...distratctg the kids...ooof...It was indeed a nuisance :-((
Shreya was pretty much excited…She did enjoy…And she knew the jugglers and clown..She yelled hey !! they are there in my book !! :-))

Wonder if the circus gets the due credit...We shd patronise them!!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Mrs Homemaker Part 3

Now my experience spins like a MAHA SERIAL...
Im back with other rounds...

The next round was Art n Craft round...ennakkum ithukkum romba thooram !!! In my school days it was my father who used to do my record work !!! He is too good at drawg and my sister had inherited it from him leavg nothg to me !!

When this round was announced, I knew this wasnt my cuppa tea...So I put in all that extra efforts to pass thru this round.The topic was"How will u depict today's women?" I went to an art Gallery nearby and gave one of the artists this topic and made him draw.Ooooh !!!! U shd see the way he did free hand drawg....My god!!! One was a pregnant woman with a world in her belly-To show that its the woman who carries the entire world....The other one was -to draw a woman as if she is lyg down and a bus on show that the entire world runs on her and he also gave a few more ideas....

With a thermocol and a white cloth and all accessories I was there at the venue a little late when everybdy had started drawg!!! I had been practicing all the drawgs the whole night....I thoroughly enjoyed doing my newly learnt art.

The next round was at Radio Mirchi.A few participants were selected after an initial qn and answer round based on humorous answers...Maya was the host ..had fun time at the studios of Radio Mirchi...One of us was chosen as the "Mirchiest queen".

Inbetween all these contests there were so much n celebration as well....The first one was the Diwali Celebration..All of us decked up in Pattu sarees,jewellery,malligai poo....We all gathered together with sweets and savouries...It was fun all over,exchanging sweets, singing,dancing.....Then we lit it all over the house...And the highlight was burstg of crackers!!!

Next was an informal chat with Actor Nanda( Eeram movie anti hero)...Though Im a die hard Rajini fan, I like a few people jus like that...And believe me Nanda is one among them....I lov his movie Punnagai Poove...Even today my husband wud tease me-"Un aal vanthachu" if any of movies/ song is played on the TV...And what more do I need when I get an opportunity to meet him at his cozy house...Very down to earth and hospitable guy...And only a few homemakers were selected to meet him!!!!

There was another meet up with the viewers....they were shootg qns at us..tryg to understand the rounds and we also shared our exp....

Another informal chat with singer with SN Surendar...very interstg...otherwise....wudnt have got an opportunity to meet such celebreties!!!

Talent round was the most interestg round accordg to me...This was held at John Britto's dance academy.He was the judge...I do sing...mostly devotional slogged out to learn a movie song frm one of my close friends..We had to prepare 2 songs...So I was ready with "ededo yannam valarthen" and Kuzhal oothum kannanukku"...

On the day of the contest...when I went there,I cud see everybdy dressed up in all nice costumes...and almost everybdy was going to dance...except for 2-3 people ...When my turn came...I sang Kuzhal....then they asked me, can u dance?I was zapped ...I thot this is how they I gathered all my strength and guts and said "yes".What song? I blurted "Ra ra "...Here cmes the song...believe me was impromptu...i jus tried to remember a few Bharathanatyam steps that I learnt in younger days...and danced....Even today we all have a hearty laugh when I see those videos!!!!

I jus cudnt believe when they said I ve won that round !! May be for the "thairiyam" and impromptu dancg and for nothg else !!!!

The Final round was Budgetg round...We were askd to make a budget for a weddg that we r attending- clothes and gifts was slashed down to half the amt after we gave the budget and we had to shop everythg within the budget... It was fun running all over the mall frm ne floor to another and shop within 5 mins !!!! Can u imagine shoppg for 30000/- within 5 mins !!!!

After all fun n frolic it was time for elimination...We all were ask to gather at Residency Towers...Butterflies in stomach, heart was beatg faster than ever....everybody around cud hear it outside....but with a smile on my face ...we all were waitg for Kuyili ( actress) who was to announce the results!!!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Hip Hip Hurrah !! A New Year....A New Venture !!

Hey...its my first blog of the year...Happy to announce our New Venture...Birthday Party Planners with one of the best creative minds Sudha !!
Its been on our minds for sometime now...and we thot its the right time to place our foot into it.Elated...Excited ...that our dreams unfolded into reality !!
Our USP being theme based parties where decorations and party games which are closely knitted with the theme of the party are the highlights !!
We jus hope to go a long way....with the support and encouragement of wellwishers