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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Circus Capers !!

Jumbo Circus…
It was a holiday for Shreya and we decided to keep her busy with some interestg stuff when my Mom reminded abt the circus in the city.I was a little reluctant but then decided to take a chance…Good we made it…Else we wud have missed smethg amazing !!

Worth its money..than the 200 bucks we wud spend for a movie ticket and return complaining...Amazed by the talent,timing,coordination!!
The have definitely made a lotta changes to the agenda…Must be the effort of sme Animal Welfare Orgn..there were less animals and more humans !!

The juggler was simply superb…I was awestruck by the trapeze acts…The lady who did the acrobats on the cycle was all smiling but at the same time was so perfect…The clowns had little job to do and din evoke much laughter…

The special acts by the African artistes was new and daring too !!

Parrots were as usual…The camels were at the receivg end..Poor ones..din like the fact that they were whipped !! The highlight was the Shiva Pooja by the elephant..Yet again the elephant proved its much above its friends !! A soothing music as a background,the elephant poured water,vibhuti n kum kum…broke the coconut in to 2 equal halves…offered the Mala and also did Namaskaram !! Wow wat a sight to watch…and no whippg…no instructions…

But it was heart breakg to see a less crowded arena..But tht did not dampen the spirits of the performers..they gave their best..jus as they wud have done for a full packed house!!

Though I was over bitter cup was the hawkers selling all kinds of junk every second...distratctg the kids...ooof...It was indeed a nuisance :-((
Shreya was pretty much excited…She did enjoy…And she knew the jugglers and clown..She yelled hey !! they are there in my book !! :-))

Wonder if the circus gets the due credit...We shd patronise them!!