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And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Wow !! Sooper !! Excellent !!

Expectation..The longing to get appreciated…looks like these chromosomes are more in women than men..and that is what I read in a recent article.

Hey is my new salwar??how is my new haircut??My son has won a prize in drawing competition..Do you know what he did…..I tried a new recipe today…learnt it from from XZ site….

Doesn’t it ring a bell somewhere??

New Facial,new jewelery bought,designer wear,sudden burst of interests,newly learned art,long forgotten talents….when we don hear those exclamatory words,it doesn’t satisfy our heart…we aren’t content with the fact of having done something new…It has to be noticed…Appreciated..Commended…atleast from the near n dear ones…Else the mind doesn’t rest..:-)

Common on..why shouldn’t we…I am ready to be a torch bearer for this community !!

I can hear all those from Mars yelling..What the heck appreciation for all those day to day chores??

A single word, a smile,a nod,a thumbs up…is jus what I ask for is what the ones from Venus are debating…Cant I expect that from my dear husband..from my close family…tops a woman’s mind !!
Infact there are those thousands of women who if by chance are commended for something,do not even know that they have to blurt a small “thanks”….:-) Coz they are not used to it !!!:-((

But lets not suppress ourselves in to this small world of appreciation and praises…Lets acknowledge the fact that it is the same husband..same kith n kin who stay with us in times of need…times of danger…times of trouble…

Ithu enakke oru self realization blog..:-))