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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Happy or Sad ???

Open Day for Shreya and butterflies in my stomach...
Wondering wat the teacher is gonna grumble about..My ears cud already hear a few dialogues from the teacher...Rehearsing my reactions...I stepped in to the room...
She was already meetg a parent..there were a few others waiting already..gave a sly smile and sat down.
She gave me the report card..sorry the book and asked me to have a look while she finished off with others...There were a few assessment sheets...flipped thru one by heart beatg faster...But then,every sheet gave me the assurance and told me not to worry !!!
Now u cud see a lotta confidence on my face and a brave smile on my if I have achieved smethg..
Then I slowly opened the Assessment book...all the "A" s had gone a step further in to "A +" !!
Mathematics -all A+...Art n craft all A +...Personality n Development were still in B improvement:-((
Here cmes my turn...Mam shreya is very good in Academics...No problem..Not to worry...But Mam...listening...I don have to tell u...I cud see the helplessness in her eyes;-)
Ha..thot Shreya turned a deaf ear at home..But din know tht the teacher was also sailing on the same boat !!!
Should I feel happy or sad ???

A+ Outstanding
A Excellent
B Good


  1. definitely happy :)
    listening will soon be ok with the years.... :)

  2. Tks Ramya...thts comforting..but Im findg it very difficult to handle her...Her naughtiness is increasg in bounds everyday..and Im losing my patience...
    Oh I don wanna start off that again...:-(