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Friday, January 21, 2011

Mrs Homemaker Part 3

Now my experience spins like a MAHA SERIAL...
Im back with other rounds...

The next round was Art n Craft round...ennakkum ithukkum romba thooram !!! In my school days it was my father who used to do my record work !!! He is too good at drawg and my sister had inherited it from him leavg nothg to me !!

When this round was announced, I knew this wasnt my cuppa tea...So I put in all that extra efforts to pass thru this round.The topic was"How will u depict today's women?" I went to an art Gallery nearby and gave one of the artists this topic and made him draw.Ooooh !!!! U shd see the way he did free hand drawg....My god!!! One was a pregnant woman with a world in her belly-To show that its the woman who carries the entire world....The other one was -to draw a woman as if she is lyg down and a bus on show that the entire world runs on her and he also gave a few more ideas....

With a thermocol and a white cloth and all accessories I was there at the venue a little late when everybdy had started drawg!!! I had been practicing all the drawgs the whole night....I thoroughly enjoyed doing my newly learnt art.

The next round was at Radio Mirchi.A few participants were selected after an initial qn and answer round based on humorous answers...Maya was the host ..had fun time at the studios of Radio Mirchi...One of us was chosen as the "Mirchiest queen".

Inbetween all these contests there were so much n celebration as well....The first one was the Diwali Celebration..All of us decked up in Pattu sarees,jewellery,malligai poo....We all gathered together with sweets and savouries...It was fun all over,exchanging sweets, singing,dancing.....Then we lit it all over the house...And the highlight was burstg of crackers!!!

Next was an informal chat with Actor Nanda( Eeram movie anti hero)...Though Im a die hard Rajini fan, I like a few people jus like that...And believe me Nanda is one among them....I lov his movie Punnagai Poove...Even today my husband wud tease me-"Un aal vanthachu" if any of movies/ song is played on the TV...And what more do I need when I get an opportunity to meet him at his cozy house...Very down to earth and hospitable guy...And only a few homemakers were selected to meet him!!!!

There was another meet up with the viewers....they were shootg qns at us..tryg to understand the rounds and we also shared our exp....

Another informal chat with singer with SN Surendar...very interstg...otherwise....wudnt have got an opportunity to meet such celebreties!!!

Talent round was the most interestg round accordg to me...This was held at John Britto's dance academy.He was the judge...I do sing...mostly devotional slogged out to learn a movie song frm one of my close friends..We had to prepare 2 songs...So I was ready with "ededo yannam valarthen" and Kuzhal oothum kannanukku"...

On the day of the contest...when I went there,I cud see everybdy dressed up in all nice costumes...and almost everybdy was going to dance...except for 2-3 people ...When my turn came...I sang Kuzhal....then they asked me, can u dance?I was zapped ...I thot this is how they I gathered all my strength and guts and said "yes".What song? I blurted "Ra ra "...Here cmes the song...believe me was impromptu...i jus tried to remember a few Bharathanatyam steps that I learnt in younger days...and danced....Even today we all have a hearty laugh when I see those videos!!!!

I jus cudnt believe when they said I ve won that round !! May be for the "thairiyam" and impromptu dancg and for nothg else !!!!

The Final round was Budgetg round...We were askd to make a budget for a weddg that we r attending- clothes and gifts was slashed down to half the amt after we gave the budget and we had to shop everythg within the budget... It was fun running all over the mall frm ne floor to another and shop within 5 mins !!!! Can u imagine shoppg for 30000/- within 5 mins !!!!

After all fun n frolic it was time for elimination...We all were ask to gather at Residency Towers...Butterflies in stomach, heart was beatg faster than ever....everybody around cud hear it outside....but with a smile on my face ...we all were waitg for Kuyili ( actress) who was to announce the results!!!

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