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Monday, January 31, 2011

The Day I was Reborn- For the Fire Freeze Contest

I dedicate this to My Angel on whose birth I was Reborn !!!
Tk U Shreya kutti...its coz of u I am able to share the wonderful experience !!!

From the day I read about this contest I ve been wanting to pen my thots and experience…I ve been munching those days at the back of my mind…

An insight 

The day we saw the faintest pink double line, It was one of the most thrilling days of my life, to know from that moment forward, nothing would ever be the same.

First Trimester

I was not looking pregnant , but I had already started feeling it. Today I was moody…next day I was happy-the culprit -my fluctuating hormones. Morning sickness was in full swing.My husband was doing his night shifts…I was in a new city ,in an all new apartment where only a few had moved in…. at nights all alone..with tears rolling down…

My nausea continued… putting me in to all kinds of trouble..I wud nt be able to speak continuously for few minutes over phone…People at the other end can only hear oooovaaa…Thats when my parents decided to join us for a month!! It was a great respite…

I started seeing a slight bulging tummy.Thats when I really believed that I was pregnant.And I shared the arrival of a new member in the family with others.U know what….I was bombarded with loads of advice from elders,relatives,friends etc etc…

Second Trimester

I can say without a blink,the BEST honeymoon period…not only of my pregnancy..but of my LIFE !! I was more energetic… I heard a divine call sayg, “Nothing wrong in taking care of yourself.Mark my words….you will never find time for yourself after your sweet little bliss is born”.I took it to my heart and did everything possible to pamper myself and royally allowed others to pamper me!!

I hogged everythg that I saw...My husband involved himself in everystage of the pregnancy.I maintained a journal for every month and took pics so that we can show it to our baby !!!

Mmm..yummy food is something that was always on my mind these days.My husband would come back home in the middle of the night and prepare a veg/fruit salad or a sandwich to feed me !!!
I kept myself busy by attending antenatal classes,listening to melodious music,relaxing,exercising,walking and ofcourse being forgetfull,dropping things and being clumsy !!!

Third trimester

My belly started looking like a basket ball!!And an itchy belly too… Pushing, Pedalling,Kicking,Cycling… baby’s kickings and somersaults deprived me of sleep…but I enjoyed it…

I had my quota of tension witha high fever of 103 degrees during my ninth month and rashes all over the body when I frequented the hospital in the middle of the nights!!

The labour 

It was Amavasa day and the next day was the first day of Navarathri.That was my due date Sept 22 nd.. and I was worried why haven’t I delivered??? We went for a checkup…came back home…My mom keeps husband was building the steps and placing the dolls and as usual I was giving instructions…We slept at 12 midnite.By 1.00 am I started feeling a little uneasy…Immediately I took my pregnancy bible and looked for symptoms and signs…I waited till 3.00 am and then woke my husband …and then my mom…We started off to the hospital.

Had mixed emotions…
When the initial formalities were over,the doc said, “ Its 5.30 am now,if u co operate u will deliver by 8.30 am…U have already dilated 4 cm”.My husband’s support,God’s grace ,my antenatal lessons and the doc’s continous encouragement…made me sail thru the labour with absolute ease…

The doctor said,Congrats !!! I saw the clock in front of me on the wall…It was 8.30 am…and I asked the doc what baby? She said girl !! I was overwhelmed with happiness that I din disappoint my husband…I asked the nurse to tell my husband “Its Shreya”.

The magical moment…Elated….But at the same time Exhausted… The little bundle of Joy was finally in our hands. But the responsibilities ahead bogged down my confidence .Will I be able handle this tiny tot on hand??? Lot of questions flushing my mind…I din know whether I should feel happy or sad !!!!!

Born on the first day of Navratri…life hasn’t been the same…My whole world exists in her eyes..My greatest achievement so far,,and wud ever be…giving birth to my bliss… I will never be more proud of anything, than I am of being a Mother. I will always be thankful to God for the gift that has turned me into a mother.

Every pregnancy is unique in its own way !!

As a mother you will be reborn with your baby’s birth!!
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  6. Yeah,,she is the one !! Tks a ton for ur lovely comments n votes...Mohinee

  7. this one s very beautiful shobs :) and all d best for winning :)