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Monday, January 31, 2011

A Divine Experience !!!

Balashree Harinie Jeevitha is how I wud like to call her.The official intimation about the award has already been recd.( hope its answers all brows raised).She is waiting to recieve the honor from the President of India.

A class 10th Student in PSBB.With  lot of awards and prestigious performances in her kitty…

Her performance yday at Kapaleeswarar Temple was a precise display of Bhava Raga Tala.She just made a flattering impression on everybody gathered there.

Should I say she is gifted..or is she blessed..or is she talented??? I think she is combination of all three…and a rare combo.The highlight of the evening was a Varnam on Ambal…the way she depicted her Karunai…especially in the story of Abirama Bhattar-when the Goddess appears before Abirama Bhattar,he surrenders in Her feet with utmost devotion…and Harinie jus fell flat on the dais …a Shashtanga Namaskara…with a dhadal !!!

That’s when tears started rolling out..and I jus couldn’t it for her passion…for her expression…or the devotion that she conveyed thru her dance ??? A million dollar question…A huge round of applause from the crowd…and she just continued with her Varnam as if nothing had happened !!! Her expressions are her strength.Abhinaya cannot be taught. It ought to be felt from within by a dancer. And Harinie does it with ease.

We all were bound by her explicit expressions…She made us cry,laugh,envy and made us identify with a Divine source.There was so much positive vibration.There was a certain Divinity in her dance !!!Its been 24 hrs since the performance and Im still not out of the trance !!Im still nodding my head in utter cud a small girl be so...very expressive !!

Harinie was full of energy and enthusiasm till the end and it showed her several hundreds of hours of rigid practice and rehearsals.It was indeed a great moment for me…I was just not proud of her..but a pride…that she is my niece !!! And it was a blessing for all us to watch such a scintillating performance!!

She is here to make a mark !!!And I think she is born to dance !!
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  1. balashree or padmashree by government rules cannot be used as a prefix. it is officially wrong.

    so you better call her something else.

  2. Even if its awarded by the Govt?? Oh I din know..anyways I said,thts how I wud like to call her....:-)

  3. ho u were talking abt her tht day na? she has grace.... good luck 2 her nd wish her many more successes :)

  4. Yeah...tks Ramya..will pass it on...