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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Miles to Go....

My clutch has been begging for long to give her a makeover.I decided, today is the day...
While emptying the contents,my eyes paused for a second when I saw 10/02/2010 on my four wheeler driving licence.Ooops..has it beena year since one of my greatest achievements in life??? Time runs too fast...But thots were faster than time...Rolling back...

My tryst with driving dates back to Dec 2009.
After constant motivations from my husband… which transformed to toungue –lashings later , I ultimately decided to learn driving and equip myself to pickup and drop Shreya when she starts LKG in june( But the school opened in April).
I enrolled with ABT Maruthi.Aana driving school poradukke oru driver vacha ore aal naan thaan !!! ( Shd have been the single soul to have a  driver to  pick n drop me at the driving school)
My initial days were horror filled !! For somebody who had driven a two wheeler for years…not with two people on the pillion but with three people,Driving a four wheeler was  indeed panicky…. But let me accolade the instructors who had all the patience in the world to teach me…answer my non stop silly queries…and ofcourse instilling confidence in me !!
The day came for my license when I prayed all the Almighties… a big hug and kiss from Shreya eased my tension.She was more excited coz she thot I can drop her at school from the next day!!! Din know what was in store…:-)
All my prayers answered…din stop the car in between..drove thru the curvy path provided for the test!!
Can I drive now??? NO…I need more practice is what my husband said…We both started off on a Sat morning…My rendevous started…being an experienced driver I cudnt keep pace with him and do all that he expected….result -  created a ruckus…with tears rolling down…I said “ No more drivg…I do not have the capability to drive a car!!!”There came an what I thot....
Need to mention abt my 2 very close friends- Ambika and Martina...They both acted as catalysts and pushed me to revive things…Again a driver comes home everyday…Luckily Shreya had school and then summer camp and I renewed my affiliation with gym…Every up and down trip was done by me with the driver beside…learnt the nuances and tricks to an extent…Thks to both the drivers- Samuel and Venkatesh
Today is History
We have car parking only for one car at the basement.My husband parks it there.So this Alto will be parked outside at a very critical location….one step forward, the car wud roll down the steps in to the play area!!! Needs skill to park…And I mastered that too !!
I feel I have achieved smethg grt in life !!!( Might sound silly to all the pros…BUT…)
Whatever I do, there are a lot of people behind me constantly supporting , encouraging , pushing me… My husband,my parents who took care of Shreya..the drivg school…the 2 drivers who taught me later..Ambika…Marty… Durgha-she has been my inspiration!!! Above all the almighty...
I know I have miles to go before I master the skill….
While I was happily accolading myself,I cud hear a soft sob...Hey..its my clutch...sorry I am...:-) Back to work.