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Saturday, October 2, 2010

Four- Roar n Soar !!

Hey…Its Dora’s birthday…I mean the Dora of our house….Shreya’s 4 th bday !!
Yes…I wanted to have a Dora theme party this time..I was more excited..elated..spirited and energized  than Shreya… A lotta backend research gave me wonderful party ideas!! Organising a party requires great planning.I wasn’t planning an extravagant one…but definitely one where it wud be a heyday for all the kids!! A fun filled day for Shreya with her close pals…
Lots of googling…brainstorming..mind boggling discussions( !!)…we finalized the venue- Subway Annanagar.Made a list of invitees.Sent them Dora e-invites.Where the tag read-Games first,Cake next, Food last !!
Shopping for Shreya n the family,return gifts,chocolates,gifts for the games,deciding on the menu…the list was endless!!
On 23 rd we kept it simple.Chocolates to school,Afternoon cake cuttg at home- courtesy-Ambika,Ratha Seva at RAGHAVENDRA Swamy temple in the eve.Dinner at a restaurant.Taking the footsteps of our goodold friends out of the cty,we postponed the celebration to Sat-25 th Sept – over the weekend !!
Morning saw me giving last minute instructions at Subway ( Im sure they must ve branded me crazy!!) – on the colors of balloons..checkg on the projector…Dora posters n stickers…and I was asking them for the n th time J
It was a breezy eve,all set,all deckedup in purpley…we arrived at the venue…as usual lateL.We were greeted by Damini n fmly and Ereena n her mom. Early birds-Sorry dears we made u wait…
Slowly the mood set in…The Dora theme music was the background score for the day !!The kids immdly were in to the ball pit..screaming and screeching :-)) The guests were greeted with a welcome drink and cocktail samosas.
Ramya n Jishnu  ( we missed Madhu),Kichu (as Shreya lovingly calls Krishnapriya) n fmly,Vansh with the Kapils,Rekha n Shruthi( Oh we missed Arun too..wish u had stayed back for more time),the twins-Aryan n Adhu,Shreya’s pona jenmathu sister ( !!) Shreeya and my All in All Ambika( or shd I giv a different title now??),Chinnu n Kumar -were the last to join us( yes..after the cake cuttingL) almost completed the guest list.
It was jus fun n frolic time…the kids laughed,bellowed,cheered.And for all of us parents, it was time to catchup with each other.We tried to calm them down with the Dora DVD on the projector,but the kiddos were more keen on the machine equipped games.
It was time for cake cutting…It was a delight to see Shreya feeding each n every kid with a small piece of cake( Is it our devil ??)
My fav part of the entire party- Games time…It was passing the backpack.The backpack was filled with goodies.Dora music playing…whoever has the backpack when the music stops gets a gift from Dora.So, no winner…no loser…everybody wins!! Gift-pack of crayons.
Second game- gave a coloring sheet with Dora n boots to all kids.Made them color with the crayons given …Whoever colors beautifully gets a gift-and all kids did color it amazingly well with so much of enthusiasm n interest !! So gift for all J
It was  return gifts time… popper blasting…snowy all around …
THEN ,comes the best part-Food…which party is complete without filling our tummies with yummies..Soaked our teeth into double chocolate cookies,crunching the crispy wafers and mouthwatering Subs.Quenched our thirst with Ice tea !!( NO eye keepg Okie).
Downsides – Missed Mala n was too bad tht the entire fmly loved red!! ( Oh they all had a red eye!!) Martina- where r u??? Too bad di…ur friend missed u so muchL Ambika- no excuses for coming late !!! :-))
Thanks a ton all moms n dads –  for making it more sprightly n lively…the adorable kids made the celebration even more special.All  gifts were exclusive and very thoughtful !! Zillion tks…
When I asked Shreya,if she enjoyed, she gave me a tight hug…I don need words to explain …A sense of satisfaction… A feeling of fulfillment…
Here is treat for ur eyes...


  1. Belated B'day wishes to shreya...
    Dora.. wow great theme.. every kid loves Dora.. you jus correctly identified the theme..
    Really a Fun-filled Day for shreya and other kids :)

  2. Tks Akila...She had a blast !!

  3. my wishes to shreya

    really nan party attend pannalanalum nerla partha oru feel iruku after read ur blog
    and keep up ur good work shobs
    expecting more blog from u dear


  4. Awesome! As the eyeball rolls over the words; the mind visualized the scene of Excitements, Enthusiasm, and Eagerness among kids and Dora. The first thing came into mind is we missed!!! Lovely blog... Nice to see all and Dora's enjoyment :)

  5. Hey nice pics Shobs,seems the kids had a blast!!!
    Shreya feeding cake to all her friends is so cute!
    Nice theme !

  6. Lali...tks yaar..its all ur encouragement n comments here which will mae me write more...and tks for posting here...

    Hey u...we really missed u both...wish u n Jai were here...its only for all those lovely minds who cudnt be part of the party,i jotted down every bit of detail:-)

  7. u so much pa...they all had a wonderful time!

  8. Nice naration. Felt like living with the events on that day. Keep writing

  9. hey nice theme and a nice collage of the photo's. You have covered every bit of detail

  10. Switched on my iPhone and the first thing appeared was shobi's " Slice of life". It was telling me "please add ur comment". Thanks 2 my phone. Narration was wonderful which took me to the party and again brought me back to US. Was so lovely and I enjoyed each and every bit of it. Great job !!!

  11. Felt like I attended the party in person. You have covered it all so well :) and dora is so pretty in purple.... :) like i said... so beautiful to see her feeding cake to other kids!

  12. Really interesting to read and can visualise the birthday event...My best wishes to shreya kutti

  13. Bhu,Thulasi-Tks
    Appu- Tks di...unna iphone layum tholla panrena !!!:-)
    Tks Ramya...even we were quite surprised :-)
    Kavi- hey tk u so much..its nice to see ur comments here !!

  14. Shobana....

    I still have teh after effects of DORA Party...everything that is Dora is there with my daughter... ( and i think its ditto for you also) but on the lighter side... Thank you for inviting KP... this was KP's first birthday party in her life... and she enjoyed it throughly with her bestest friend!

  15. Tks Kalpana for ur comments here...Shreya keeps talkg abt Kp's new found craze Dora...and Im so happy to know tht she enjoyed...