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Friday, October 22, 2010

Shiva Shakthya Yuktho....Navaratri Golu 2010

Sarva mangala mangalye shive sarvartha sadhike
Sharanye trayambake gauri, Narayani namostute

O Mother ! You are the personification of all that is auspicious, benevolent form of Lord Shiva, You bestow Divine energy and help people achieve righteousness, wealth, fulfill desires and liberation.You are worthy of being surrendered to. Three eyes adorn You. O Narayani Devi, I pay obeisance to You !  

Worship of the three divine Goddesses !!!

Golu always brings in fond memories of childhood.Amma was /is so religious.The Kuthu Vilaku Pooja,Lalitha Sahasranamam,Amma in 9 yard saree,Ambal  decorated beautifully in different Avatars at the temple,building of the 7 steps with the available dabbas n tins frm the attic….kids parading in all Holy fancy dress costumes-but no contest,no prize…all winners with a packet of  spicy sundal !! What a contentment !!!

The house- always filled with friends n relatives,the smell of mallipoo,plethora of godliness and who can forget the yummy sundals n puttu ???

Shreya was born on the first day of Navaratri…I started it only from her first bday…This festival always holds a spl place…the gala…the celebration…the divinity…the networking…joy of giving- it’s a culmination of all!!

On the Amavasya day we had booked  for Enthiran.Dont u think thts a nice way to start off the holidays..Now ,the experience with the Robot calls for a separate blog.But the point here is, I had placed all the bommais in the morning .Came back and accessorized the Golu with Vj’s help.

The first Day of Navaratri-Friday- Saintly combo !! Had invited a few close friends…Tht was jus a start…But after tht our Golu had visitors everyday…Meetg the newly made friends ( Rums  N Jayashree)…catchingup with all the old friends in person after a looonnngg time... not to mention Periammas,Mami n cousins !!! Oh wow …will they ever dropin otherwise ???

It was a small – crockery cupboard converted- fully protected ( we even had a key for it !!) display of all bommais  ( Courtesy- our ever inquisitive,naughty Shreya ).

Though she did promise-“Amma ,I wont touch the bommais”.I knew it was jus a politically correct promise !!
The best part was the way Shreya had imbibed Paatti’s heritage…She loved dressingup each single day…gave chandan kumkum including the vethalai pakku to everybody without exception.And yes,nobody cud escape from her newly learnt Golu song taught by her very own Guna miss !!This indeed was a pleasant surprise to all of us from the “ jaunty joy”!!She really caught us napping this time  :-)) Shreya was pretty much like a storm in the tea cup !!
Here is the link to her performance

A family get to on Sarawasthi Pooja…All the fete came to a climax on Vijayadsami with Shreya joining her Bharatanatyam class- “Bharatham Aarambham” !! Seeking the wishes and blessings of one and all !!

Pics of the naive Golu


  1. very cute golu and a very sweet shreya :)
    naivedhyam looks yummy!

  2. Navarathri song was a real mazhalai

  3. the bommai sings very well :)


  4. Ramya Tks...veetuku vaa panni tharen :-)
    Panchami- tks for readg my blog n postg ur comments here...
    Tks Nirmala !!!

  5. Those days...Hmmm...Nostalgic Memories...
    And glad that you all enjoyed the golu..
    My wishes to shreya who is going to be a great dancer..

  6. very cute rendition. Saraswati pooja alangaram is too good. I ve never thought abt dressing books with pavadai and necklace... I will do it for next saraswati pooja.


  7. Tks Akils...
    Hey Goms...tks for commenting here ...Dressing the books with paavadai- even I did it for the first time...