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And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Role Play- Mama the Beast !!

My most fav mom n kiddo time- coloring !!  Oh I jus luv it !! Its  a major stress it once to believe me...We always take a page with two sides to it...she colors one and me another...and the instruction manual will be given by Shreya !! Imp point - Nothing in its natural color...:-))
Roses are blue...mountains are red...Rivers are pink !!!

Its Rhymetime otherwise...hey I know all her rhymes with actions and accent too !! I luv the modern era rhymes...Its better to be kids !!
And the most common - cuddling cartoon time...its better than all those tear jerking serials and unreal reality shows !!

Today...Out of the blue,she said - Role play...and came up with Beauty and the Beast.I said Okie...she jus cudnt bottleup her excitement !!
The best casting director award to Shreya....She -the beauty...Mama -the beast...who else can it be ???And this beauty came in a cute pink cycle instead of horse !!
Oh we had so much fun together...the way she transformed in to beauty...cameup with imaginary dialogues...and in the end,I asked her"Will u marry me beauty?" She said yes and surprised me with a hug n kiss...then said mmm mmmm ....While I was pondering what it meant, she said,"U r a prince now...we have to go happily now !!! "

Elated with her new found game,she wanted Little Red Riding hood next..and no brownies for guessing who the jackal is !!


  1. Ok Shobs,u r a beautiful beast now :P
    And she's so remarkable with all these ideas and i knw it's in her genes:))

  2. ha ha ha...appo kooda beast thaan !!
    Hey...before my husband reads this, let me claim the royalty for the genes !! :-))

  3. Looks like more fairy tales are being born at your grow too fast.. so savor the mements:-)