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Monday, September 27, 2010

Dasavatharam isn’t a movie review…Im not talkg abt t our UlagaNayagan’s Dasavatharam…
But yes,it’s the different Avatars of our super model( recently she got this title of Kingfisher super model from her dermatologist !!)…the heroine…the drama queen…SHREYA !!
The last one year has seen Shreya in different Avatars.Dressingup is her passion…and already…
Loves mama’s cosmetics…mama’s bangles…mama’s dresses
Here is presenting Shreya’s Dasavatharam…
Shreya was dressed up as Sania Mirza on Children’s Day celebration at A- school.The idea box- my husband – came up with this nth minute concept.We managed to dress her with a short skirt and a tee.Sania Mirza pic on her tee.Hairband ,hand band,sports shoes and socks,toy tennis bat and a ball adorned…she jus looked Sania.A spl mention abt Shreya was made in Times of Annanagar !!

On Republic Day at A -school,Shreya wore an Army uniform…but she almost looked a Bandit queen !!

A - school celebrated sports day at YMCA.Her entire class was supposed to be dressed as Tweety bird.The  beautiful Tweety bird is all smiles !!

The Summer hols saw Shreya attending a summer camp at Root to Wings.This was conducted by the Pogo fame Mad Rob.Shreya thoroughly enjoyed the art n craft classes.The Finale was a gala event at Chettinad Vidyashram hall.She was part of a Hawaiin Dance.Shreya was on stage for the first time.We were more excited than her!! I was almost jumping on the seats when she was dancing on the stage!!! Shreya jus rocked as a Hawaiin girl !!

The present school swells with activities and celebrations !! It started off with Independence Day celebrations.Shreya was part of a dance depicting different states.She jus looked a Punjabi kudi..Oye balle balle !! I had hired all the costumes…and …she broke the nose ring !!

On Onam she was dressedup as Malayala Mole and was rowing a boat with Vansh Kapil for the traditional Malayala song.Stitched the traditional pavadai sattai- courtesy-Ambika.Amma helped me in buying all the accessories from all the nook and corner petty costume shops!! The next two days we were constantly bombarded with the thatha thaiya song !!

Gokulashtami - As expected, Shreya was Radha !! I set my foot in to shopping …A golden duppatta,accessories,googling to find the way Radha wud be dressedup…I was really on toes for a week!! And on the D day, it took me more than an hour to dress her up..The best thing was her souri and kunjalam !! She was pretty excited with her  looonnggg hair…The otherwise Dora looking Shreya ,looked Indian !!

After all the hoopla of Radha, the hangover continued… Shreya was transformed in to a naughty Krishna on Janmashtami.Courtesy again Ambika with Chinnu’s dress and accessories !!

Shreya’s first Fancy dress contest !! The audio release on the TV ,triggered our brains in to dressingup Shreya as Robot!! With Robo da Robo da playing, she walked the ramp and said in the mildest of voice-Im Enthiran !! Im Robot !! Though at home she did extremely well with her robotic walks….
We hired the dress( though the process of hiring has a big story behind…and till date I curse myself for tht !!) Added antennae to her helmet…Appa made those red lights on the front…and we wrapped her shoes with silver foil !!
We were overwhelmed when she won the prize…she was such a cute looking robot !!

Her class had a project on plants.Shreya was to be dressed as Rose plant representing shrubs and was supposed to mouth a few lines on Shrubs…The practice has been going on for months…Though we were informed pretty earlier, as usual, we postponed to the last minute..which we are very much capable of !!
I delegated the making part to Vj- see , he is good at it !! And I don like taking risks …;-))
Vj made a beautiful stem with thermacoal,wrapped with a green cloth, stuck artificial leaves.I was amazed by his idea of making a head gear with a pink hat !! He cut the middle portion so tht her face wud be seen, stuck artificial roses on the sides !! A Rose adorning a rose plant !!
And I was told by her Guna miss, that she did really well !!

And wish us good luck….Im sure there is still a lot more to come….I ve a lonnggg way to go !!


  1. each avatar is beautiful.... she is looking pretty in all costumes.... but if get to pick my favorite it would be the sweety tweety :)shreya s lucky to have u bith as parents :)

  2. I agree Ramya...the smile is so natural...and tks..

  3. Really it is Dasavatharam...Cuteeee Shreya.
    U have lots of patience to write it....

    Nice b-log... Very interesting to read...
    All the best to the entire family....

  4. Though we had these photos all these days, didnt think of this at all. What a wonderful idea ! Under my leadership, you are shaping up really well (corporate #@$%). Never mind.

    I am in love, with your writing !

  5. WOW..! Dasavatharam indeed..!!! minus the special effects & hours-long gaudy make-up..!

    Very pretty Shreya looks prettier in all costumes.!

    And where's Shobs' reply to Vijay's comment..?

  6. Amirtha- Tk u so much...patience n me?? Oh we are step sisters !!

    The Vampire- First of all, lemme make a wild it Anu?? anyways tk u so much for commentg here...spl effects were given while dressingup...if u know what i mean :-))

  7. Vj- thaangamudiyala...gyaan aarambichuttiya...ingeyuma !!!:-)

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