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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Navratri at Mumbai !!!

After all the hectic schedules, at Mumbai...relaxing..:-))Now that I sd Im relaxing, lemme substantiate..
Saw a couple of movies...
Movie1- Mankatha- over hyped, watch once,total masala flick...smebdy pl answer the loads of loopholes!!VP has moved from underplay to larger than life scenario.

Movie 2- Potta potti-lost amongst all the over hyped movies.simple neat screenplay with subtle humor splashed across the movie.Surprise element-Sadagopan Ramesh..he is indeed a natural actor !! Now he is sure to be in my list of fav actors if not cricketers!!

Soft Soulful Shehnai playing behind...beautifully decorated Mantap with Devi Maa...glittering lights...agenda with Aarti,Garba n Naivedya everyday...
A Navratri sans Golu,But with loads of pomp n n fiesta!!

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