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Friday, October 14, 2011

Rapunzel Rapunzel let your hair down !!!

Its been jus like yday, when I penned about Shreya’s 4 th bday…Has it been really one year since then??? Jus cant believe…

The Making ...
When it was a month to her bday, I casually asked Shreya-Wat theme party wud u like to have??Pat came the reply-Rapunzel.. and there was no second thot abt it…And for me, there was no looking back after that.Discussed with Sudha and she assured that we can definitely do it !! My mind was totally engrossed with Rapunzel and everything looked Tangled since then !!

Made a list of to dos…shared the work load between Sudha n myself.What Sudha has contributed to this bday, is boundaryless.As Vj rightly said,”We r obligated !!”
We decided to make a Tower,a Long braid,Purple Buntings with the theme yellow sun ,and a theme based-handmade thank you card.And who else,other than Sudha can bring it out with her magical hands??
The Invite also went along with the theme.And our house warming party was also clubbed .We ordered a flex banner depicting a scene frm Tangled and a Rapunzel sticker as one of the return gifts for the kids.
Googling all possible sites which had the word Rapunzel ,gave loads of ideas and options.But I had to seriously break my head for wat was possible with the resources available.

Bought a few lanterns in different sizes to suit the theme.Serial lights…with designs…If choosing the right pictures from the web took me a lotta of time, I spent 2 full hrs at the printer to jus get the posters printed.Had a birthday wish card printed too.Got a few coloring sheets with Rapunzel theme printed.Sign boards for Puzzle Corner,Coloring Corner n Tattoo Corner which we had planned to have.Since I was inviting a few from the apartment, had printed a few invites too!!Tks a ton guys- at the printer !!
Ordered for Balloon decoration.Specified the colors.Organised Tattoo artist.Bought a Rapunzel which Shreya was asking for sometime.It did come in handy for designing her dress and also for the cake.Abirami frm chillies zone helped me with her model.Shreya made a Rapunzel Tower with her building blocks)
Vj was doing his best frm his end, getting the party hall n the flat ready.Organising the chairs,tables,fans etc..
Outta the 3 pics I sent to the baker, he said, only one could be replicated.I said yes to it, but made a few changes.Ordered “our” costumes at a boutique in Egmore.I wd have spent more on the transport than the dress !! But yes, it came out well.Tks to Martina…Now, that "came out well" is for Shreya;-)

Pickedup a few other decorative items- whenever I went out.Bought a Tangled CD to be played at the end( which I forgot).Pulled out all the lovely pics of Shreya from her birth and asked Jai to make a CD.And it was simply sooper !!Chocolates…Return Gifts( after ransacking a lotta stores !!!!)…Fixing the caterer…finalising the menu…the guest list…IT IS ENDLESS !!!
23 RD Sept 2011- The D Day !!!
Shreya wokeup earlier than usual.All ready to be at school to share her happiness and chocolates with her friends.Vj n myself straight hit the party hall to get a few things organised.Rushed back home to pickup Shreya from school.Quick Lunch and a small nap for Shreya.Sudha was here early to help us and we were back at the hall putting everything together.By 5.00pm we came back home.Got ourselves ready ,picked the cake on the way ... at the venue by 6.45 pm !!
Shreya was pretty excited and was having loads of fun with her closest buddies.The kids were kept busy with the Puzzle Corner(Rapunzel puzzles),Coloring Corner(Rapunzel pics) n Tattoo Corner!!
We started our games around 7.30 pm.It was a Hunt for Rapunzel’s treasures- her tiara,comb,treasure chest and purple flowery clip for her braid !! Kids had great fun looking around…Rapunzel sticker as gift was sooper cool for the kids !!
The next one was a game for all- Rapunzel,Pascal,Maximus and Flynn Rider stuck in 4 corners ,it was the Airport game with the twist.We had 2 winners at the end who got Rapunzel’s jewel box as the gift.
Pinning the Rapunzel’s braid went well with the kids and the adults..But we were already running short of time so we had to jus give away the chocolates to all kids as gifts and move on to the highlight of the eve- A journey in to the world of Rapunzel by Sandy- my friend.She has an amazing art of story telling ..It was not jus the kids, but the moms n the guests were also spell bound !!!…and the best part was a take home handmade lantern as gift !!!
We ended, with the much awaited cake cutting..and yummy tummy filling dinner!!
I shd be really greatful n thankful to all those who made it on that day and made it a special day for not jus Shreya but to us as well !!!! Its gonna be etched in our memories for Looonnnggg !!!
it was fun to make Shreya's choice of theme come alive!! We thoroughly enjoyed putting together things...trying to incorporate the theme as much as possible taking care of the tiniest details...

Happy Birthday My Dear Rapunzel !!!


  1. I knew it would have required a great deal of effort, time and brainstorming.....but this is way beyond what i thought of.... :) hats off to you and Sudha :) Shreya will happily recollect this birthday for years to come....everything about it is lovely :)

  2. Hey Ramya..I was looking fwd to ur comment here..:-)) I said, without Sudha, and a lotta other supoort system it wudnt have been possible...

  3. Really, I saw your efforts in making the party alive.. I loved your THANK U card, lantern, cake design, Dress, decoration, food, Especially Album design etc etc.. everything related to u'r party were fantastic..
    Sudha is simply great, Really she has magic in her hand, She has UNIQUE ideas.. Though she looks very soft but her ideas are all terrors :)

    Happy Birthday Shreya..

  4. Awesome Shobi..Beautiful
    Happy birthday cutie pie

  5. Hey...lovely seeing u here Rathi..Tk u:-)

  6. hey shobs & sudha u guys rocking always.......thts a gr8 effort made by u both....& no words to theme was selected by shreya kutty is quite amazing!!!!!!keep the best!!!!!!loved the theme,party, mom & daughter's dress........ gayathriragavendra.

  7. WOOOW .. so much for those few hours party, but soooo much did go into your memories. Nice job gals.

  8. happa ennaku padikaruthuke kanne kattiduchi..inge we get everything as such in a store for a party..chennai la ellam ore place la kedaikathu nu theriyum(i thought like, u bought everything)..neeyum sudha um romba menakaturikinga..:)..but shreya is going to cherish it thro.. out..

  9. u so much...for all the likes...

  10. much ..and so many days...But we jus loved doing it...

  11. Yeah Kanchana...we had put in things together..nothg was available as such...:-)

  12. Same here....even I was waiting for this post of yours :)

  13. Hi shobs!!!
    U will not be knowing me, I will just give an intro by myself, I'm Jayapriya, my friends call me Priya... from bangalore and I'm Lalitha's friend. I just keep seeing the pics of the birthday parties organized by ur funsquared, and the recent one being ur rapunzels's b'day party. I just really like the way u organize it. In addition to that, I just have to tell u that I love the way u write ur blogs yaar. It's too good. Even I organize parties for my kids, but wish u would have been in bangalore, or I should have been in Chennai... Keep going Shobs... Best of luck for ur wonderful work...and belated wishes for ur cutie daughter...bye

  14. u so ur lovely comments..its really motivating coz it comes from an unexpected corner !!
    Oh really wishe u were here...
    And tks for the bday wishes too..;-)

  15. Keep going with ur work Shobs....Best of luck yaar!!!