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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Time to Celebrate !!!

Jus as I was submerged in some guilty pangs, these laurels put things back in track...
Im Happy...Proud....Elated...

Well, the week before was hectic with preliminary rounds at Art Robe- the place where Shreya goes for drawing class.They were hosting an event called Clusters which was open to all with various interestg contests.
I had given Shreya's name for all the four contests..I jus wanted her to participate...thot she wil get an exposure.
The coloring contest started at 8.00 am on a cool Sunday morning.Picked her back at 9.15 am.At MIL's house the breakfast was ready.Fed Shreya too and dressed herup for the Story Telling Contest...Yeah, its our fav Jala Kula Duppatta Story...see, I don have to force her saying this story..and put in any extra efforts to train her..:-)

It was change of costume again for Dance...I peeped thru the glass door to see how she did...and whoa..she definitely was amazing...Both Shreya n myself were indeed a little disappointed when she wasnt selected for the finale...Clearly, she was the only one with better costumes...but since I din see other kids dancing, din wanna comment on that...

The singing contest was judged by Airtel Super Singer particpant-Srinivas...heard that Shreya got lovely comments and was well appreciated...Now, thats real surprise!!

That isnt the end of it...Cookery contest for women..and yes ,I was part of it.Since the topic was healthy n tasty, Vaidehi helped me with a yummy Salad recipe...Should have done the chopping better.Presentation was good.We tried making a watermelon basket.Tks to Vj.And MIL and Ambika had helped me a great deal in chopping the veges n fruits...Time was my major constaint..Since I was with Shreya the whole of forenoon, cudnt concentrate on this...
Well, no hard feelings, I tried my best..and learnt somethg nice..that was it...

Diwali celebrations at Fitness One had dance contest for kids with prop..since Shreya had already practiced, jus made her do the same but with Damakku Dappa as the prop..:-) Oh she picked it up so well...and I was sooper happy when she was announced the winner!!
There was fashion show for women..and my Rapunzel's costume helped me win it :-))

This Sun, it was Clusters Finale- As expected, Shreya won the story telling contest( only one prize per age group).When she was announced winner for Singing, we all felt like a storm in the tea cup !!
I was overwhelmed when Monisha called me on the stage to giv me a momento..I was totally at loss of words..Wish she goes a long way in her career..and have healthy happy life !!
Nothing is complete without ups n downs...while there were happy winnings..shdnt there be a disappointment too??
The Fashion Show for kids was the last on the agenda.She did do well in the first round.The final round had a Q n A session with simple qns posed..don knw why, she din go on to win...But its jus fine..she did well..she looked amazingly gorgeous,sooper others' words...And somebody approached me and gave her card and said, "Do u want to put ur kid in ads??"
Now, thats jus enough...its worth more than the contest n the prize !!
I should say that overall I cudnt bottleup my excitement for all the wins !!

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