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Monday, October 17, 2011

My First Karva Chauth

Now, don go by the title...Im not recently married...But the Karva Chauth Vrath has fascinated me for long...the movies must be the culprit...
DDLJ,Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam,Judaai,Kabhie Kushi Kabhie Gam...the list is endless...

Even if I observe,I knew I wud be like a square peg in a hole...still something was pushing me to observe the Vrath this year.Shreya's classmate Erina's mom helped me with the basic details and guided me in to the simplest way of observing the Vrath.

I went without anything except for a few sips of water occasionaly( heard there r people who go without water too !!!).But the day was unfortunately tiresome with too many activities linedup.
First it was Mathru Pooja at Shreya's school.Though I was not too keen this time, Shreya put her foot down and wanted to go.GAVE IN....From there I pickedup our Interior Designer .Was supposed to drop Shreya at home on the way..SURPRISE !!!Vj was here...Whilst I was only going to see his pic in the eve, I was thrilled that I cud actually have him beside while breaking my fast...The way I had visualised..;-)) Rather the way the movies had over exaggerated...

Ok...cut..the next scene at our new flat with the Designer...after discussions n deliberations..we went to school for Shreya's open day...Again I was quite surprised at the good comments from her teacher...Not that she is bad at studies...she has always been one among the top performers..The complaints earlier have only been about her talkative nature n naughtiness...and this time, even that wasnt there...( may be the teacher herself has got used to her or must be bored talking abt the same thing over n over !!!)And her report card was decorated with A s and A * s !!!

Went straight to Nirmala Dresses to pick her costumes for the next day's competitions( now, that wil be a separate blog:-))
While back home, I remembered one of my another NorthIndian frnds tellg me that mehandi is very important on Karva Chauth!! Convinced Vj to take me to the mehandiwala who sits on the platform near blue star..jus had some simple design adorning my hands...
Back home, I was exhausted if to tempt me, my MIL had made quite a lotta varieties of yummy food...not knwg that I was fasting !!!but I was determined to continue..and I did...took rest for smetime and started off with Ambika to the super market to pick the fruits n veges for the next day-cookery contest !!

Back home, had a quick bath,lighted the lamp,read the Karva Chauth story frm the net.
At 6.30 I went upstairs with water to feed the moon...with some sweets and ofcourse Vj sight of THE MOON...Yes, I was warned that it wud be difficult to sight the moon !!!

Looked thru the dark clouds...ransacked the entire evening sky...wish I had a telescope..;-(( The Moon, that we wudnt even bother to look at on normal days was playing hide n seek indeed !!

Well, I jus used the 1 hr to feed Shreya...and setoff to the temple.Shreya's dance class kids were performing at a temple closeby...The performances, made me forget my hunger for sometime...Back home, straight hit the terrace...AND, WOWWW !! There is the big wide huge bright MOON !!I literally screamed outta joy like a small kid...Things jus ended the way I wanted it to...:-))
But that I hogged food as if I had not eaten for days is another story...


  1. I can already hear Jatin Lalit's composition in the background :P but this is a great experience right.... you will remember it whenever you see a full moon :) post pics :)

  2. Yeah wasnt jus grt..but quite different...Yes I have observed other fastings n vrath..but there has always been a loophole- like u can have juice..or fruits...or milk...
    But here to go jus wid water was a little tuff...but my visualisations(!!) and imaginations abt breaking the fast jus helped me stick to it..

  3. ma'am do you matru puja pics ??