Its been my long cherished dream to have my own blogspot...pen my thots...scribble my ordeals...share my bliss...

And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Monday, November 7, 2011

A Lifeless Day !!

Yes it was...and still is, A life less day - as Im penning this down.
Can I be away frm my little devil for more than 10 hrs?? Yes I have been...And its been the less...dragging..drudging Day !!
Felt as if I had nothing to do at all...thots and mind looked empty...A vacuum...Can somebody fill your life so much...
When almost it was my everyday routine to complain about not having time for myself,here today I had all the time for myself...But still had nothing to do...Or rather I din want to do anythg.
Getting Irritated..Frustrated..the small tiffs...the hugs that follow...isnt everythg a part and parcel of my life???

Its not jus the happiness that she brings in, but realised that I even quietly enjoy her tantrums..getting on my nerves..pushing me to an edge…driving me crazy…

Waiting for Shreya's reaction when she is back home...
Wonder how working moms handle it everyday!!

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