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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Rhymes and Storytelling Competition

Its that time of the year again - Rhymes and Story Telling school
The annual ritual, has lot of expectations and stiff contests coz of the talented kids...

For rhymes, we had already prepared for the "tree rhyme" with the concept of "GO GREEN".Tks to Guna miss who helped us complete the rhyme.
We hired a "tree" dress .Had a thermocoal behind and a message boldly written was what reqd.

Story telling- I had decided on the story when we were planning for her bday- Its Rapunzel !!
I had the props ready-Tower,long braid and ofcourse the costume too;-))
But it was indeed a little difficult to teach her the story.Simplified the story in to smethg that she cud narrate..added a couple of songs inbetween as usual to add the flavor.
She did well in both according to us...
Okie....u call it Mothers'Syndrome ???
The results were written today in the diary...
1 st in Rhymes and 2 nd in Story Telling....
Initially, it was a little disappointing with the story telling results..
But I din wanna dampen her spirits...Jus told her that according me, she was sooper dooper in both!!
Treated her with her favs in the eve...u know wat, a packet of ellu urundai and a few chocolates..:-))


  1. how did I miss this post.... its just lovely to see her performing.... loved the rhymes and her wrote it? Adhya loved watching both the videos :)

  2. Tks Ramya..I din write it..I had downloaded a few stuff frm the net and made a few changes here n there..:-)