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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dinamalar Contests

Saw an ad in the paper regarding contests for kids for Children's Day.Was a little hesitant.But registered her name.Couple of days before the event got a call from them confirming the registration and they gave a registration no. too !!
I was quite surprised at the way everythg was handled..especially when we all look down at Tamil dailies.Yes it was a huge crowd at the venue on the D day...Appreciate the organisers and the parents too..who showed immense patience...
Shreya was part of Action Song n Fancy Dress.Fuller utilisation of the "Tree" which we had hired.
For action song, in her age group there were close to 80 kids!!
Well, outta over enthusiasm, I had given Shreya's name for another set of competitions that were being held at Annanagar.Was somehow quite sure that she wud atleast win one there.
So we took a decison to split in to two sets..:-) Shreya n Paatti went to Annanagar Prize distributn( results were supposed to be announced only then).
Vj n myself at Dinamalar..with little hope....
The first set of prizes announced were for 5-6 yrs age group Action songs...and here it goes...First prize Shreya Vijayananad !!!
Well, couldnt have felt so bad...such a prestigious stage..with Hundreds of people flocking...eagerly waiting for their kid's results...and here we get  the first prize...but the kid isnt there..While I was clouded with all kinda thots, I could here somebody shouting...Vaanag ma..neenga vandhu vaangunga...
With a heavy heart, I did go on to the stage and receive the prize...with droplets of tears cornering my eyes..:-( But I could sense the pride within me !!
The irony is, she din win any at the venue where she went !!!
But we are proud of u dear !!!

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