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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

An Ode to Friendship

"Friendship is like a violin; the music may stop now and then, but the strings will last forever."
Friendship day…friendship week…friendship month !!! I cud see so much talk abt friends and friendship. I have made a lot of friends over the years..But only a bunch of “best friends”.
These are friends who have been thru my ups and downs…hues n cries…glee n gloom..Always lending an arm when Im over a barrel!!
These are friends who appreciate and chide…friends who have shown me what life is all about…friends who have made me distinguish between good and bad…friends who made me realize that there cud be people in the disguise of friendship who are capable of throwing poison soaked arrows at u…sitting next to u !!! Friends definitely do not act as a Pandora’s box !! Secrets shared- Friends keep the bottles up and don blow the lid off !!
My first friendship bloomed when I was 3 yrs!! Mala was my first ever known friend…The little friendship thickened in to best of friends over the years…I don know how many can boast of such relationships which last for more than 25 yrs without a legal tie !! But the travel was not jus a bed of roses..We both are cock fighters..and have had our bits of misunderstandings…But years have made us only realize that there is something more and above all the trivial things.People tease us “Jodi kiligal”…We were always together..roaming in the streets…happily chatting…our playtime..temple visits…dance classes..balvihar classes...
When she found her life partner,I felt hurt !! I thot my friend was moving away from me…and stopped talkg to her !! How childish !! I cried crazily when she left to Coimbatore to do her BE… There has always been a kinda telepathy…We may not be talkg for weeks..suddenly I wud be thinking of her..and here comes the call !! Mala is a very strong willed person..grt motivator !!
 Jayashree- we studied together for 5 yrs...Somebdy who has a grt place for me in her heart..who constantly motivates me by her appreciations...jus cant forget our singing sessions...dancing sessions...republic day parade..comments on teachers..Oh she is an amazing mimic..can jus imitate our teachers and make us go in splits !! Distance has never kept us apart...
She is in Dubai with 2 kids !!
School days have been the most memorable..Lots of…less time in class…Lakshmi joined our group in 11 th Std.Initially I din ve a grt impression…Slowly her easy going way..taking everthg easily..looking at the funnier side of things..drew me towards her.The friendship continued in college as well…Learnt how to enjoy life from her…Our night studies..triples in bike with another friend Kanchana,on and on chatting sessions,gossips,movies..secret corn puffs while the class was in session..tiffs...are unforgettable !!We may not be talking every other day..may not be for mths together..But when we get connected,its from where we left !!
 Lakshmi is settled in Mumbai now, the way she has blended herself in the new environment is amazing!! Its so much fun to be around with her...
Kanchana was a hostelite…our visits to her native place…the fun filled trips..her mom’s yummy vadai… movie time in Kadalur are still chiseled in my memory…She is  such a patient person..I really had to learn frm her..A good cook..somebdy who has an eye for detail and appreciates even the smallest of things..Probably I picked it up frm her!! She always spreads warmth..
Happily in US with 2 kids…Our conversations last for atleast an hr on ISDs !!
Rekha studied in the same school in a different class but we became more closer in college when we were together…Our stories wud begin the time we start to college…at college..after college…walking time…atha thavira vetti pechu time !!We wud talk abt everythg under the sun…but still leave with a sense of discontentment ..and to be continued the next day…We still stay closeby,she stays in the adjacent street..our daughters have made good friends with each other in the recent summer camp ( Our Abirami knows better abt the lotties of these two !!!)
Rekha wrks as a Manager with ICICI bank with 2 lovely daughters.
Martina- my colleague !!! I wud always tease her as the Hanuman of our Ramayana !! The one who always helped me, when I made secret outings with Vj during our courtship!! I think of her and she wud be at my doorstep…that’s our power of friendship…Shreya and Marty make the best of friends now…She came and stayed with me in Bglre for a week when I was pregnant..she was there when I delivered..she was jus next to me,constantly boosting my morale when my husband was undergoing spine surgery !! I know she jus cudnt leave me…She knows when I may need her..and she has always been there !!
Martina is an embodiment of strength..she herself has swam against all odds..and still believes everythg is possible !!
And here comes my “All in All”..Not jus a friend… ( Anythg reqd, its always available in A-4 !! thts her flat no.) – AMBIKA …We became closer after I came to Chennai for my delivery..But the bond has been growing in different directions and ofcourse strong!! Anythg tht upsets me, I know I can immdly share with smebdy and find a sense of relief and solace.For her, Shreya is her daughter !! When I faced a lot of turmoil in the last year,she has been my pillar of support…constantly encouraging..patting…making me move fwd !! I wonder what I wud do without her…I can jus trust her for anythg !!
What schools haven’t taught me..what parents haven’t taught me..what teachers haven’t taught me….friendship has definitely taught me !! I can jus be myself with different u…when u say somethg, they know it…when u don say somethg..they still know !!
The bunch - have been my strength…thru thick n thin..thru hot n cold…they all ve proved time n again that a “Friend in need is a friend indeed”. They have helped me groom myself..taught life’s lessons…I ve grown with them in this lovely sail of life !!
These are friends who don’t change with the tides of time..who believe who you are..and accept as you are- MY TREASURES !!
" A friend is one to whom one may pour out all the contents of one's heart, chaff and grain together, knowing that the gentlest of hands will take and sift it, keep what is worth keeping and with a breath of kindness blow the rest away."
- Arabian Proverb

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  1. Glad that you have your own blog-spot now. Art of writing does not come to everyone. You have the gift and looking forward for more blogs. From Shobi, you have become "Blogi" now !

    Wonderful blog. Reminds me of those yesteryears where we never had anything (including money) but just had FRIENDS !