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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Valentines Day 2010 !!

We are those kinda people who celebrate every occasion and find reasons to celebrate...This year our celebration for Valentines Day began on Fri Feb 12 th....

Valentines Day celebration at Shreya's school !!! I really liked the concept..Since monday she has been making red heart photo frame ( ofcourse with the help of teachers...or rather the teachers were doing with kids' help)...On thurs eve, she said, "Teacher asked me to bring the snap of whoevr u like the most and I said Mamma !!! Giv me ur pic".

She is capabale of cooking up her own stories and we dismissed it as jus another one...On fri, the kids were supposed to be dressed in white and red.

On fri, I went to drop her at school.At the entrance, the teacher asks me,"Where is the pic?" she was indeed telling the truth !!!  the teacher with a big smile on her face...said,"Shreya said she likes Mamma and I want her pic in the photo frame that we ve made. She wants to gift it to U !!!"

Without wasting a moment, i rushed back home, picked one of my pics and gave it to her teacher...While pickg up my daughter I cud see all kids so happy witha goodie bag in hand and different art works...and ofcourse Shreya with the "red heart photoframe and quietly sits Mamma's pic inside".I was moved...Can there be a better gift for Valentines Day????

The story doesnt end there....This year we decided to celebrate differently by buyg smethg for Shreya( a symbol of our love).She has been eyeing a bigger cycle for sometime..So picked up a cute pink cycle for her on Sun...Her eyes wide open...she jus cudnt hide her excitement and happiness....She gave a tight hug and a kiss !!!Can there be a better way of sharing happiness???

Read more.....Since we din have any specific plan, thot of taking part in a contest"Kalakkal Jodi" in the eve.We did..there were different rounds...we were too tired by the end of the contest..But it was so much fun...I was so hungry..and I was worried Shreya wud be waiting for us...we were about to leave, when we heard the results being announced...after the 3 rd and the 2 nd places..."Winners of Kalakkal Jodi, contestant No.1 Shobana n Vijay !!!!"

We jus cudnt believe our ears....We were jus overwhelmed !!!! Happy...Excited....Elated...

Can there be a joyful,cheerful,blissful Valentines Day than this ????


  1. That is the coolest accomplishment ever! The way I see it, if your patience is tested and still you were judged the best (behaved) couple, I must give it to you too !

    Keep it up ! best wishes to you !

  2. Hey...Tks...Hope we continue the legacy in 2011 too !!

  3. Tk u Sir...Looking fwd to more comments frm u Sir...

  4. getting married to a person whom u loved is god's blessing.
    u both r very lucky in that.
    nejama kalakkal jodi than. u both deserve it.
    u 2 make a wonderful pair.

  5. Its so true Ambika...a definite blessing( appadinnu solla vendiyadu thaan ;-))
    Tks a ton for ur comments !!