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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shreya's FIRSTS

As I wud always say...Kids grow so very quickly..It jus looks like yday I was there in the delivery room with a pumpkin sized belly..looking forward to hear the squeaking cry...of the long awaited dream!!Weeks in to months...months in to years...its amazing to see them grow.

Shreya is going to be 4 yrs next mth !! As Vj wud say “ Aarambichuttiya ???” Started planning for her bday celebrations...

Suddenly I became nostalgic..a small flash back...The time I had this tiny little miracle...always on my lap...when I wud religiously make a note of all her milestones.."HER FIRSTS"
First Smile on the 48 th day...and at me…and nobdy believed it !!  she was lettg only me know her happiness!!

In her 2nd and 3 rd month she cameup with her social smile...a smile at others too !! Wud respond with a coo sound...Sucking her finger/s..trying to mouth everythg around...with a very unique sound.....
 mmmmchhkk !!

AND the very unusual fast leg movements when she was 3 mths old…Was on seventh heaven when people who saw it said, she is definitely going to be a dancer !!
Somersaults?? Oh no the roll over on her 117 th day...and the frequent turnups and downs thereafter...the way she used to hold both legs with both hands and try to mouth it like Aalilai krishnar. And the sweet cute smile for a Peekaboo !!

It was in 5 th mth that she made us go in splits with her unusual lifting her head even while on back..The head wud always be up without resting..probably she was gettg restless..wanting to jus sit up and play with Amma !!
In the 6 th month, I was surprised one day when she suddenly jus sat without any support !!And u know that was the oft repeated act thereafter and in high speed !! Shreya’s funniest act was moving backwards with legs like a frog..this was jus before crawling in the 6 th month.We cud sense the initial signs of naughtiness...
7 th Month witnessed crawling..clapping for Krishna Rama...and yes a very heroic milestone...she cut her first teeth !!

Shreya started cruising in her 8 th month..we thorughly enjoyed  her blabberings all thru the ninth month and a few words...and she started showing actions for “Bye,Hello and Good morning”
I became ecstatic when I saw her walking without support in her 10 mth !! And there started all my trouble..nothing was in place..and whatever was in place was broken..all topsy turvy...

And on Sept 23 rd 2007- she cud say “ HAPPY TO U ( happy bday to u !!) and Thank u ...ofcourse with a lot of monosyllables too..and her temper tantrums were galore..we din have to wait for “Terrible Twos”!!
I am so happy I was always around to witness all her first steps !! Moments which are very memorable..precious...treasurable...exquisite..and ofcourse exclusive !!!
As I wud always write- For every mom her baby is a treasure..the bond is so very different !!


  1. True,...for every mom her baby is a treasure! But only a mom who is a homemaker can enjoy to the full!

  2. True Sudha,,and Im very happy that Im one and I cud afford to take that decision :-)