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Thursday, August 26, 2010

First movie with Shreya- Oct 2009

Ooooh......I have been waitg for this day...I always wanted to venture out with my daughter to a movie...every time my husband wud say "no"...true its very difficult to handle a small baby in a theatre....lest we shudnt be left like the couple in that Horlicks ad.
Now that she is a BIG girl( after her 3 rd b day, thats what she says !!) we thot " lets experiment".We booked for the new movie "UP".This being a cartoon movie, I thot it will be within her comfort zone.
The D day was 1 Oct eve show...I had prepared her mentally abt our new experience...abt the movie...that it will be a 3 D movie....etc etc...Apparently she had told her teacher at school, that she is going to a movie in the eve...its calld "UP" and its a "Singam movie"
It took us more than half hr drive frm our house ...and at every slow down of the car she wud ask,"has the movie cme?"Atlast we were at Sathyam.The movie had jus started...The moment we entered, it was pitch dark and silent....and here goes my little devil...."WOW !!!! MOVIE !!!! THEATRE !!!!!
All heads turned and lookd at us !!!! For a sec I was embarrased...then I thot afterall we r here for her fun and enjoyment...let her have it all ....
All thru the movie she kept talkg( in tanglish)...laughed when everybdy laughed( though din understand most part of it)...watched morethan half the movie without the 3 D glasses !!!!!
But let me tell was all fun....and I knew we gave her a new exciting exp...

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