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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Can we learn from the tiny miracles ???

This is one of my articles in the magazine....Posting it here as a blog....

Can we learn from Children?Yes…though they look like small devils,children are angels.Unknowingly they help us to explore a lot of things in life.As adults we think “we know all”.Its surprising to note that a few observations can change our whole thought….
Have you seen kids when they wake up in the morning?They stretch like a cat.Stretch one arm…another arm…fingers …arch your back…flex your toes.This is a great way to wakenup your muscles and get them ready for the day.
Laugh aloud.Children do not care about people around.If they find something funny ,they just laugh their heart out and enjoy.Its not something wrong to laugh to your content and enjoy the situation.Laugh at anything you find funny no matter how silly it is !!!Good for your health.
Cry aloud….Now this is a stress buster.No vouching required for this.Every child cries her heart out even for the smallest thing.But the next moment its out of her mind.Exactly…cry without shame.You are out of the distress the next moment!!!
Enjoy simple stuff.Have you seen kids face lighten up with the smallest of the things.Chocolate,pencil,balloons,ball….silliest things bring joy to them.We should also learn to derive pleasure from silly stuff.Try to live in the “NOW”.This will help you bounce back.
Learn to forgive and forget.Get curious and learn from quirky things.Go and play outside.Breathe fresh Air.
Who said kids learn from parents….There is always the other way around !!!!


  1. Have read this already.... but still couldn't resist commenting.... every word is true.... beautifully written :)

  2. Very true. There are many moments to learn from the kids too.

  3. Ya...and its too difficult to be kids!!