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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Children's Week at Shreya's school- Nov 2009

Shreya's school extended the  Children's Day celebration to the entire week...Though pouring rain was playing a spoil sport,it did not dampen the spirits of The school,parents and the kids

Thursday was the day for parents.Parents rather mothers( which father will have time for all these???) were asked to perform for the kids.We have a yahoo groups for annanagar A school.A few enthusiastic moms(like all of us !!!) came to gether .We planned to stage "Hansel n Gretel".The funniest thing is I played Gretel !!! With a skirt and a top,an apron on that,colorful hat, two kutti ponytails,shoe and socks !!! Ooops...I looked like a giant kutti girl !!!

We all met jus thrice for practice.The first day was a total flop...When my husband dropped me at school and was takg the car on reverse,the car got stuck in the mushy mud in front of the school...It took us nearly 2 hrs to get the car out ....The show was a sooper hit...The entire school was so...appreciative of all our efforts...

Friday was  fancy dress.But the school had given a topic."What do u want ur child to be in future?"When I asked Shreya she said "Doctor".The second time I asked her, she said "Dancer".Since we were informed jus a day before, din have much time...After lot of brain storming, I went in search of Bharatha natyam costumes for hire...They were too...big for Shreya ...and I din like the the other costumes...I came back home ..made up my mind to dress her up like a Kathak Dancer with available dress n accessories...

When my husband came back home at 10 pm , he said "No will she carry herself for  3 hrs with all that jewels?"Then he suggested tennis player..So we dressed her up with a white tee,mini skirt,cap,socks and shoes,pinned  Sania Mirza's photo on her t shirt,small tennis bat and a ball!!!

Sunday issue of Times of India ( Times of Annanagar) has a writeup of this.A spl mention of Shreya is also made in that!!!

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