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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Rejuvenated !!!

Hit the gym after 2 mths…Though I had renewed my membership in Oct end, I took a break…Initially in the name of my sis’s visit frm US.Then jus blamed the rains and the weather  Oh!! jus need sme reason…Knew I was quietly piling a few grams here n there.But din have the guts to stand on the bathroom scale.

As my status msg on FB said,I added those extras happily...I knew where I was heading after this..

Though it’s a short drive,I enjoy those siesta hr drivg when the roads are empty…gettg in to my comfort zone…the right leg only on accelerator and the car on 3 rd gear…less traffic..less tension.

The icing on the cake is humming your favorite melodies along with the beautiful voices on the FM !!

It was good to see all those old faces,enquiring ur whereabouts…Stepping on the treadmill was truly rejuvenating.Said hi to a few other machines and bade goodbye for the day…

PS: My instructor says I have put on weight  Drilling sessions ahead !!

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