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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

LKG or IAS ???

Though there are lot of thots fighting constantly in my mind asking me to blog,this one took over others....The Big poster on LKG Admission at the school gate is the culprit...I jus stood still for a  moment when I quietly made a journey to the past....Pona jenmam illa... a year back....;-))

In 2009, I had sought admission for my daughter in a preschool.Things happened like the flow of a stream without any ripples….,we felt “Blessed”.
As I am always, I din want things to sail smoothly… After lot of brainstorming at home, we decided to look at 2  schools for LKG admission this year.The only reason being, the present school ( “A”)was startg their main school at a place which is far off.And I din want my little angel to travel a long distance atleast now.
The hunt started ….Initial discussions with friends…blogging on all possible parental sites…reading reviews about different schools in our locality…and all the warnings abt recommendations and donations really horrified us !!!
we shortlisted 2 best ( accordg to me) schools.Lets assume these are “B” and “ C”.
Next comes the application form…Luckily for “B” school they were issuing the forms online.One ordeal saved….
For  "C" school - 10.30 pm the day before - Surprisingly , we found that a few were already waitg there !!! Came back up at 3.00 am …brushed…we stepped out and it was raining heavily….we went to the school to find that they were makg a note of names ....We were asked to come at 7.00 am to get tokens….In the morng, we asked my father to stand in the queue to get the tokens.The no. - 152…
Went at 9.30 am to collect the application form !!! All these were jus for the appln form!!!  Half hope lost !!
Date of interview
“C “  school - Parents with kid were supposed to report at 1.00 pm. Frankly we din do any preparation apart from tellg her to answer for all the qns…While she was eatg, jus put her old educational DVD on…My husband was supposed to join us at the school.While startg,Shreya created a ruckus in choosing her dress…After all the convincing, by the time we reached it was 1.05 pm and her name was already calld!!!
We had to wait for another 40 mins to be included in the next batch….But…my husband din join us either…I was frantically callg my husband’s mobile and he wasn’t pickg up…I had lost all hope and decided to get back home….When they calld “ Shreya”…
With no choice, we went in, jus explained the situation to the Principal.Shreya was taken separately..I dint even know what they asked and whether she answered or not….I was spkg with the Princi…After a few routine qns. She said, “ We will send u an intimation”…With a sigh of relief we left…Shreya had lot of chocolates in hand…and said I answered all the qns…I dint even believe her !!!
“B” school-Everythg happnd the way I wanted it to be….including a person who can push things!!
Got the admission at “ C” school wherein there was so…much tension right from day 1….
And in “B” school – they asked us to follow up after a mth…(inspite of a recommendation)
Should there be so much stress and running behind admissions…Shd kids be subject to an interview…
Hundreds of qns might eat ur head but the hardships continue...year in and year out the experience continues...and gets tougher by each year...
After the initial hiccups Shreya had with the new school...crying..howling..throwingup cursing myself for putting my child to such ordeals...
she is finally settled down...Tk all my stars...yes, now I know I have made the right choice...Shreya is enjoying her school...and afterall that is wat every parent looks fwd to !!!
My best wishes to all those parents holding heaps of hope in their eyes !!!


  1. Hey timely post.And this year the fever has started.

  2. shobana looks lik this blog is dedicated to me :(
    enga appln kuda kidaikala .. she is short of 4 days romba pathetic :( - sangita

  3. OMG ! I cant think again, what went through last year !
    After all that contemplation, think we have done the right thing.
    The entire ordeal had enough drama, fight, suspense and climax to top Bollywood Charts !
    Good one !

  4. Thank god, I have crossed this stage! Now, my relatives are going through this process for their kids and I hear various types of stories!

    All the best to the mothers of tiny children!

  5. Radhika - yep ..trying for ur little one this year??
    Sangita- as I said,look at it as a blessing in disguise ;-)
    Vj- mmm n dance sequence mattum thaan baakki...
    Sandhya- tks for commentg here..

  6. It took me back to the time, When me and my hubby were frantic about getting her admitted to a proper school. Had fun reading it. Thanks..