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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Mrs Homemaker 2007 Part 1

Hey...Im in some kinda blogging mood...may be the celebration mood is inspiring me to write more....
Recently one of my friends had posted Our Mrs Homemaker 2007 pics.And tht was jus enough to set me in a rewind mode...Wow !!! wat a wonderful experience of 3 full mths...It was jus like back in school college days jus tht we had known each other only now...Republishing this blog which was a grt hit in chennaimoms ( nammale sollikka vendiya dhan !!! )

I din have a blogspot then...Now, that I have one,this post definitely deserves a place here....Days which are permanently sculpted in my memories...Jus the word Mrs.Homemaker are more than enough and I can jabber on and on...
Tks Gayathri for postg those lovely pics and kindling my memories !!!

Now, the story dates back to Aug 2007…I saw an ad in the paper for this contest.After delivering Shreya in Sept 2006,it was jus baby, baby, baby….( ellarukkum athe dhaan !!)

I was looking for smethg interestg, smethg adventurous.I asked my husband, he said go ahead and apply….One fine day( on my b day !!) we went to Twilite Corpos office and filled my appln.Met Sumathi mam and Dharma Sir.Since this was the first time I was participatg in such a contest I was a little apprehensive and mandai fulla ore qns…They answered all my queries….

After a few days I got a call sayg, out of the 250 odd applns, they have shortlisted mine as well and the first round was “ vegetable carving” and “dining décor”.Both on the same day at Residency towers…Appo residency Towers enga irukkunu kooda ennakku theriyadu…ippo thummina RT than !!!

Vegetable Carving- I had a full time maid then and vegetable cuttinge…. “totally out of touch” ithula ennatha carve pannaradu…. dining décor... I was a little confident about…coz people who have dined at ,my place always spk high abt the presentation( ellarum evvalo poi solli irukkanga nu contest pona appuram than therinjudu !!!!)

With bags and baggages we all gathered at the venue. We utilized the waiting time to get familiar with each other…made new friends…exchanged nos….I met homemakers of all age…one who was very recently married to the one who has celebrated her silver jubilee !!!

There were separate tables given for everybody.... almost all veges in the centre.When they said” time starts now”..everybody jus ran and picked all the veges reqd..back at table… and the wrk starts…I din even look at anybdy…lest I know Im jus going to be more tensed…. Etho ennakku therinja scraping, cutting…thuruving ellam panni carving ra perla kuduthachu…

Dine décor…We all had got all the crockery reqd and decorated the table accordg to our creativity…When I finished it, I went around to see how everybody had done….Oooh…my God…what creativity!!!!

I quietly messaged my husband “ I m out” !!!!

Revathy Shanmugam and one more person( she was the owner of sme boutique) were the judges...we werent given the results immdly...suspense continued for a few days...when I suddenly got a call, " You are shorlisted !!!!" I thought I was day dreaming !!! But s I had cleared this round...

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  1. with pics this time :)and u look pretty in blue shobs :)
    must add.... the slide show of shreya s very cute!