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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Planning planning planning....

We booked our flat when Shreya was 6 mths old and she is gonna be 5 yrs...Our flat has been under construction for more than 4 years...

Keys handed over, Vj's last trip to chennai was squeezed with making a few trips to the Interior decorator.It was fun choosing the colors,designs for the wood work n tiles.And Shreya was with us during the 4 hour stay at Interior Decorator's office.We both were quite surprised at the way she carried herself like an Angel.Allowing us to do our work !!

Now, that leaves us planning for our Gruhapravesam !! An event that we have been longing for...a dream come true...A roof over our head and a floor beneath...and its jus ours !!

Loads of brainstorming sessions and debates ended in finalising the date.Then comes the sastrigal, caterer,menu,Invitees etc etc....
It was sooper interesting to design our Invite...all the more reason that I had to do it all alone:-)
That isnt enough??? Yeah our little devil's bday is cmg up !! Shdnt I plan a special birthday bash for her???
She has already made her choice !! Its a Rapunzel Party !!!
Googling all the possible sites...visualising the decoration...fixing the games n activities..venue...Invitees...Invite....Oooopps...the list is endless...
Sudha is more excited than me..and she is lending all her support..jus as she wud do for her daughter...Tks a ton Sudha !! Proud to have u as my friend.:-)
Suddenly I feel as if my mind is clouded with tooo....many thots.
Jus hoping that everythg goes on well !!


  1. Congratulations on your new home Shobs :)Ho... Rapunzel party seems very interesting.... all the best to you and Sudha... m sure it will be a blast and Shreya will love it :) Advance happy bday Shreya :)

  2. Tks Ramya..wat r ur plans for Adhya..if u rnt planng anythg and u r in India, do make it to Shreya's party...

  3. wow!!!!!! lovely woman doing great deal of things with great responsibility. Hope Rapunzel party is going to be a blast hit