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Monday, August 8, 2011

Let Down !!

Is there a way to deal with your guilty pangs???

It was the Annual Krishnashtakam competitions !! Shreya had definitely prepared well..she was chanting aloud..with all proper pronounciations.
But alas !! She did not win this time!! I know she cant win it everytime ...I cant expect her to be on the winning side always..but still I felt let down...after all the preparations...after all the drilling sessions...It was just a cake walk for her.

My heart broke when she said,"Amma I actually wanted to win it for u...But I dont know why they din give a prize !!! "
I was over a barrel....helpless... !!

And here I was expecting too much from a 4.5 year old...and taking it on her for not winning too!!
Just pray God to be by her side always !! Atleast make her happy for all the efforts that she is putting in !!


  1. she wanted to win it for you.... that's the most sweetest thing to say :) and that's your win Shobs :)

  2. I agree. We expect a lot out of kids because of peer pressure. The world has become so competitive. But it's better to try and fail than not try at all. So keep trying, keep similing...


  3. Yeah Ramya....and she has already added 2 feathers to her cap in this year :-)

  4. Tks Maya...its so comforting ...