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Friday, August 19, 2011

Birthday Bash !!

It was indeed a surprise filled bday this year...It all started when Vj was supposed to leave for Mumbai on Tuesday- 7 am as usual...
Only then it dawned,that he isnt leaving !! He had extended his stay for this entire week to be with celebrate my bday...
The day before, on 17 th we set out on a shopping spree.Initially it was to shop a Pavadai for Shreya.Shreya was part of Janmashtami celebrations at school.We were pretty excited-like a storm in a tea cup !!More so coz, this was the first celebration that she was part of "this year"!!
Shreya was supposed to wear a blue pavadai.She din have one.And I jus needed a reason.
That was just a beginning...a saree ...kurtas..patialas...frocks...the list became endless.
Cool cool icecream at our age old Aavin brought back lovely memories in the chill was surprising to see the weather a little cloudy.

Things were VERY normal on the D day...and that made me a little suspicious.
YES...a gift that must have cost Vj an arm and a leg!! There stands an absolutely beautiful garnet red i10!! Jus couldnt believe that he cud bottleup someting as big as a car!!!
For a minute I thot my eyes were cheating me and it took me sometime to realise that it was indeed my bday gift...
Tks a ton Vj...Every time, I think that "its the best ever gift"..."the biggest ever gift"...until I receive the next one !!!
U surpass urself everytime !!

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