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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day !!

This is abt the two Dads I know of… ….
The one with whom I lived for 25 yrs- My Dad- My second mother
May be I was a disappointment for my mom on the day I was born- another daughter !! But not for my Dad is what everybody say…I know I am his pet!!! He has been holding my hands…sailing with me thru all my good and bad times…and still the grip is tight….
 Exam times are difficult times for Appa too… Being an early bird, I sleep early and wake up early( Definitely not now!!).4.00 am…..2.00 am ….He is my alarm !!The aromatic coffee he gives me is my enzyme!!
He is a good teacher too…All my credentials are dedicated to him…Don know if I can replicate even an atom of it..He is more than thousand teachers!! All my projects …all my drawings..all my record notebooks were done by him!!( teachers… pl excuse…)
Contests galore- He is my running Library.Jus the day before the  oratorical contests, I wud come home running  with the topic…He wud immdly run… to the nearby library to collect all info…
Telepathy...He has never given me an opportunity to ask for anythg..It was always there before even I cud think of !!
When I wanted to shift my career to HR- no opposition…Do what u like is what he said!!
I love Appa’s rasam…When Amma is not around, he takes on the chef’s hat…We both have ventured in to a lot of stuff when Amma was in US for my sister’s delivery.Infact he was my scapegoat for all my inventions in the kitchen!!! Cleaning…washing..not a single time I ve seen a hesitation on his face…
Havent heard him scold me aloud….Even if Amma does, he wud only support me.And no spanking too!!!Has always swam against the tide in times of all odds with his trade mark silence!!( My mom is a chatterbox !!)He is an epitome of patience…Even when I gave him the worst shock in his life, I cud only see him crying at one corner without uttering a word!!! My heart broke….( But I did what I had to!!)
A simple person he is...Even at this age he wud love to travel by bus, inspite of our repeated reminders abt a car standing outside….Loves to take a stroll to the market nearby and do his own shopping… Makes it a point not to trouble us !!( He wud offer to pay our telephone bill, milk coupon etc etc…)
Help is the only word he shd hear …he will be a butter in a hot frying pan…and there he is…physically…financially…Gregarious dad...
To me He is so..great…so..good…so..flawless… Every bit a Mother!!
And the legacy continues…he does everythg possible for his grand daughter….they are the best ever pals seen!!!
From 25 th year and so on…..Shreya’s Dad
Now, with all this, You wud have known about my expectation for a husband….Yes.. another father!!
Once my husband was kidding, “ She has seen only one gentleman in her life and expects everybody to be same…And Mama has made my life miserable !!”
But u know what…Shreya is jus lucky too…She is his world!!!
Right after delivery, it was both Vj and Amma who were with me in the hospital…
He lost his sleep since then…His fatherhood started with washing her poops and nappies !! Then he slowly graduated to feedg her and making her sleep !!He can do everythg that I do for Shreya and much more…play time …story time( his own invented stories are Shreya’s favorites)…stroll time…bathing time…he makes everythg so fun filled and creative( which I lack !!!)
Last yr- Vj was jus discharged after a spine surgery and Shreya was to be hospitalized coz of high fever..when he was supposed to be on bed rest, he was travellg with us in the middle of the night!!
On her first day at school- he was on leave…On all her spl days- he is WFH!!
Oooooommmmm Shreya is in tears... by the time I chk what it is..she is all smiles…no brownies for guessing why …her dad is around!!He is a grt cook too!! Infact better than me…They have a lot in common and share a special bond…Vj’s favorite pastime- Yapping abt Shreya!!And he is better at it than me !!!
He is so..great…so..good…so..flawless… Every bit a Mother!!

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