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Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day Kondattam - 2009

Last Year,Father's Day wore a different festive look.I had organised a small celeb along with a few friends and their family..Probably my first step towards events...

The Sunday  witnessed a lot of calls and exchange of msgs…We all were supposed to meet at 4.00 pm.The first one to call me was Priya…early bird was there by 3.30 pm.I was jus startg( though I told her Im on my way…Priya adikkada).
Pickedup the snacks on the way..When I reached there,the whole place wore a festive look with happy faces…chitchattg,gossiping..and all dads playg on the merrygo round and slide…
It took us a little more time to settle down with all the things.After the initial pepup talk( appo thane namma dads ellam konjam enthu aavanga) ,we started with the first game-Truth or Dare.
Each Dad was asked to pick a slip in which there will be one truth and one dare.(Eg,for Vj it was , Truth-2 good n bad things abt ur MIL .Dare-Cry like a kid for chocolate!!)They cud choose either truth or dare and play accordgly.It was real fun to watch the dads findg it tough to make a choice between the two.But yes, ultimately they all were really sportive and took it in the right spirit.
The second game-One leg standing..the most popular game of the evening..The dads were asked to stand on one leg.Whoever stands for the max time was the winner.Surprisingly we had 3 winnners and none of the 3 were willg to budge till the end..I think they stood for close to 5 mins!!! Ottrai kaalil nindra apporva sigamanigaluku Oru Oh Oh !! The winners were Mahesh( Priya’s husband), Amala’s husband and Vj.
The next one was a Q n A session.I had prepared a questionnaire with 5 ques for each mom n dad abt the favorites and interests of their kids.Jus a test of understanding.Here again we had a tie between Ramani ( Jayashree’s husband ) and Amala’s husband.
We had a tie breaker.The dads need to alternate the nos. in two different languages..Like one,rendu,three,naalu..and so on…The winner here was Ramani.Do u know till what nos he said?? One rendu,three what he said…
The dads were already exhausted and needed some rest to gear up for more to come..We had a dance performance by Latha for the song “Alaipayuthe”.Lovely,graceful movements.We all thoroughly enjoyed it Latha…and thks to Upendra for encouraging u !!
Smruthi( daughter of Jayashree ) sang  Karikalan kaala pola ..Superb !! She has an amazingly sweet voice..Jayashree pl do nurture her skills…And here comes our Jayashree with soulful rendition of a song frm Abhiyum Naanum..Apt song for the event !!
And we have a nightingale in Priya !! What a melodious “VASIGARA”..and she dedicated it to her hubby !! How sweet !!Next time I wanna hear u sing a carnatic song…
Din allow the dads to rest…put them on gear with another game-Airpot.Since there were 8 dads we jus had two landings.One- a chair and another-a water bottle !! The dads need to go round the props.Once the music stops,they can group near either one of the props.I had two slips in which the two airport names were written- obviously “chair and water bottle”.Each time, we asked a kid to pick one of the slips…and the ones grouped near that landing are out of the game…Ooooffff…can u believe a tie  here again?? Yes Ramani and Mahesh!!
We had kutti gifts for all the games..and chocolates for all the kids…and chocolates for the performers too !!And we surprised the dads with a Fathers Day Gift  !!
Jayashree had cme up with a funfilled game of tying the balloons behind each kid.They shd try burstg the balloons of others.And the dads shd protect their child’s balloon.It was so much fun to watch the dads running behind kids and burstg balloons !!
And here comes the best part-Food…which party is complete without filling our tummies with yummies..Soaked our teeth into black currant tarts,crunching the crispy puffs,wafers and mouthwatering cookies.Quenched our thirst with Frooti !!( NO eye keepg Okie)
The only sad thing was we all were completely exhausted inspite of the AC hall…
We had adorable kids making the celebration even more special…Achu,Adina,Mahathi,Samriddhi,Illakiyyan,Smruthi,Preethi and Shreya…They all were in their own world..and a few kept their moms as busy as ever !! ( Mine kept her dad busy !!! )
Let me tell u,the dads were absolutely sportive.. sprightly ..lively…they gelled so well with each other..It wasn’t like they were meetg for the first time at all !! Three Cheers to all of them !!!
Tks all moms who made it a wonderful event !! Tks to Molls sis- our official photographer…Smruthi n Preethi- helped us with organizing games…servg food…Jayashree – u ve impressive daughters!!
I have a sense of satisfaction..A feeling of fulfillment…All the more happy when the dads said they thoroughly enjoyed the evening!!

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