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Sunday, June 19, 2011

This Day Last Year...

This year,a lot of things have taken back seat coz of health,the family split and at different place..:-( I was jus remembering our last year's hungama and here it is....

The fun started on June 17 th with my DAD’s birthday.The day when Shreya’s school reopened.So the morning saw jus exchange of wishes over phone inbetween all the tension.
When I went to pick up Shreya,the car took a different route and proceeded to “Rasi “to buy a Kurta for Appa.Had baked a cake the day before night.Shreya was pretty excited and helped me in mixing and decorating the cake with nuts.And yes she let the cat out to her Thatha…but he let our drama continue without giving it lotta importance!!
In the evening,we quietly barged in to my parents’ house and  surprised him with the gifts!! The night out ended with a dinner at Eden !!
On Sat,it was anniversary at Pink,my gym.Shreya deckedup as a Goan girl danced to a rhythmic goan music.I gave a semi classical performance for “Maargazhi Thingal Allava”.More than the appreciation for these two, I was in cloud nine, when somebody asked me, “Do u host shows”!!
For the potluck I had prepared Roti,Rajma and my close associate as usual offered me help with Yummy crispy Pakoda( Chinnusmom-Ambika isn’t part of the gym !!!).
With all these in mind for the last 3-4 days, din plan anythg for Fathers Day though I had lot of cues…Suddenly Shreya said, “Naalaikku appakku spl day illa? Pizza Vaangi tharalama?” I was quite surprised with her idea!! “ I said yes”,Suddenly it dawned on me, that there was a craft which Shreya had made in her summer camp- A photo frame..Took it out, pasted one of the cutest pics…and ofcourse signed by Shreya!!!
Sunday morning witnessed a lot of huggies and kissies…the gift…a roam around the Avenue Express Mall and ofcourse the Pizza from Shreya’s piggy bank savings !!
No better way to celebrate a quiet fun filled Fathers Day!!


  1. i remember reading this :)this gesture of Shreya i can never forget.... post some updates of her.... :)

  2. Tks Ramya...Updates- every day she surprises or shocks me with don knw which one to pen :-) and I vent been here for a long time...really need sme time out to sit n blog..and yes there r so many to register here :-(