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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wedding in the neighbourhood....

Looks like somebody is getting married in our apartment..there has been so much of gala,pomp n glory since yday...the serial bulbs hanging all thru the all thru the staircase....
It was the shehnai which woke Shreya up in the morning.Suddenly she got pretty excited..Had her bath..took one of her best dazzling salwars...decked herself up with jewellery and pressurised us to take her down !!
A wedding...of somebody whom we dont even know of...of somebody for which we havent been invited...( anyways we are new to this place..cant expect them to invite us though )...But for Shreya its a funfare...she is all hyper about it and enjoying herself...while stepping on the lift she said,"Amma I will bring Jamuns for everybody !!!" She is very much part of all the hoopla thats happening there....dancing away to glory ...:-))
Isnt this is what a child is all about???

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  1. thats the beauty of being a kid na? no inhibitions.... hope she had a great time :)