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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Wow !!! We made it !!!

Very Happy about the success of "Spread Your Wings" our first event thru Fun Squared.
The day before,   my FB status msg read : Excited...Worried...Blank...and I was !!!

It was as if I was giving my public examinations..or my first interview...and should say,being in a delivery room with mixed reactions :-)

Sudha n myself had really worked our heart n brain out for this...and we were supported by 2 selfless people- Subha n Marty.Though we wanted to limit the regn to 30, we had 34 regn !!! There were a few last minute regns for which I cudnt say a NO.

After the warm welcome, we started off with an Ice breaking game- Purse Bingo.We moved on to the first actvty-Artsy Crafty.We divided the women in to 5 different groups. Gave them materials of art.The topic was Spread Your Wings and they had their imaginations at wrk.

It was lovely to see the women come up with beautiful pieces of Art,with varied ideas.

For the next actvty,Soul of Life, we shuffled the group again.And we did this for every actvty.The idea was to make all the women mingle with maximum no. of people.And this was the sooper creative Sudha's idea !!!
We gave them lyrics and they had to comeup with an original tune OR can beg,borrow, steal..but the entire group had to sing !!! It was so much fun to listen to different tunes flicked right frm western classical to our very own Kollywood jin chikkan !!!

The highlight of the entire show....the one which everybody had in splits...Skity Witty.We gave different funny topics for the groups and made them enact.The time given was jus 10 mins.But we were amazed by the sense of humor each team had !!! I was rolling on the floor with "Filmy Family"-Sowmy as Sivaji Ganesan was unbeatable and Sangi as Saroja Devi played truly her :-)))

The credit for all those funny topics go to Vj...tks for tht last minute help...though there were so many which goes without mentioning.

The show ended with the Dancing Damsel round- where we played a particular piece of Goan music and askd the teams to choreograph and then dance !!

We also had lucky draw inbetween.

Amma n Abirami of Root to Wings were the judges.We did announce the winning team at the end of each round.But the participants were in for a surprise !!! We declared everybody as winners !!!
Yes everybody went home with a certificate sponsored by WE.There were titles given to every women out there which we wrote after observing their performance on that day.We had Rs 500 worth gift vouchers given by Labelle and Rs 100 worth gift vouchers by Cool Nature.And ofcourse discount vouchers from Fun Squared too :-))

Oh that reminds me of my repeated calls and up n down trips made for getting sponsors.Its  not so...easy...All these days I have  hosted shows..where everythg is on a plate and I have to feed the food.Now it was not  abt preparing food abt the plate itself !!!

First time, we were handling end to is Herculean...

But a wonderful experience !! The sooper response,comments,appreciations only motivates us to do more...It acts a energy booster...The next day,FB was flooded with pics and comments abt the event and we don need anythg else than these lovely support n encouragement !!!!

We really have to thank all our sponsors who believed in us.And most importantly Marrybrown for giving us the space.Definitely not the least- our enthusistic,entertaining,sportive participants who did Spread Their Wings !!!
We will be back with something interesting !!!

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