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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Hula Hoopla !!!

Shreya's school announced an interesting event on a Friday - Grandparents/Parents Day !!

Grandparents had solo singing competition.The Parents were supposed to do a group dance  !!
The Sat n Sun were spent in forming the group and ofcourse a moms group.Now ,which dad has the all the time in the world to spend time grouping and dancing ..:-)

(Hey..I promise I have equal regard n respect for the other gender ;-))

Somehow we found 6 likeminded moms..And I had already selected the song...A Hawaiin song for which Shreya danced in her summer camp.Requested Abirami to send me the song..and she did ...
The choreo started from Monday.I comfortably flicked a few steps from Shreya:-) The team was great !! Everybdy gave their valuable inputs..and  also helped each other with steps.But let me tell u, it was five glorious days !! It was jus like back in college..preparing for some culturals...
We spent

On the D day,we met at 12 noon...started off with our makeup...Once we were all ready,as usual kicked off with a photo session...Slowly we saw the other groups assembling and somehow we felt we cud have done more justice to our costumes..and felt a little bogged down..But then pepped ourselves up...

With a little tension inside we were waiting to be calld .The programme started with The Grandparents Solo singing.Amma wasnt prepared,but with Shreya's teacher's request and just outta sheer interest and for her sweet little Shreya,she did sing...
We were calld as the third group... We jus gave our best...The moment we were off the stage,we had a lot of them congratulating for our performance..from parents ..and also a few kids...We thot this was more than enough !!
This was followed by a few games for the parents.
It was time to announce the results...Amma got third prize...AND...we won the first prize..Oh we all were on cloud nine !! Happy that our efforts paid off !!

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