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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spread Your Wings - Our First Event !!

I have jus not found time to feed my blog.The only reason being- our event Spread your Wings.So that makes me more happy...Fun Squared - a venture by Sudha n Myself is gonna see the first event on March 12 th.It was surprising to know that we both thot about it at the same time.Is it called telepathy or being on the same wavelength:-)
Marrybrown Annanagar has agreed to associate with us.The last couple of weeks were spent hunting for sponsors.The most difficult part...It was just 2 days back that we finalised the sponsors and good ones.I m keeping it a secret here..jus for everybody to keep guessing.
We have planned a lotta fun filled games,contests and activities.A few stalls for the shoppers.Play Area for the kids.We disperse filling our tummy with yummy food !!!
Both of us are working hard to make it a big success.We just want everybody to go back home happy...We want people to recognise our efforts..Keeping our fingers crossed..Praying God ...


  1. All the best Shobs and Sudha....

  2. Meet u there ;) n' All the best

  3. all the very best shobi...:)

  4. Tks Akils..See u ...
    Kanchana tk u di...