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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Driving Me Crazy !!!

Kids can stir all kinds of emotions that we never imagined we had,before children.They are the ones who press our button…and believe me,they do it like no one else can !!

Recently,I realised one of the secrets of dirty motherhood – We all are pushed to the edge.The tiny tots we love the most ,love getting on our nerves.

I have been going crazy offlate and all the credit goes to our little devil Shreya !!

She can instantly transform me into a whirling wind .I wonder with awe,how come there are those moms handling 2 kids ,a job and home with serenity…I feel terrible when Im not able to control her.Iam submerged with guilt when I say those things in anger which I wouldn’t take from anybody else.

Sometimes, we overreact coz of unrealistic expectations- both for ourselves and our kid.Its coz we love them so deeply,we are disappointed and frustrated.( Now that’s jus a solacing thot )

And,after all self realisations….history repeats itself..its only a viscious cycle.

Does it ring a bell somewhere for u??

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  1. well written shobs :) i can very well relate.... especially when i have to make her eat :(