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And here Im...A new kid on the block !!

Monday, January 16, 2012


Been long since I wrote anything personally here...Lotta things eat my time..Shreya,her school projects,competitions...Funsquared events...our flat work...amma's health.Amidst all these,I feel that the small pleasures of life are lost...
As Vj rightly says, I bring home trouble..tension...and nerve cracking situations..:-((
Wish I cud jus idle away my time without having to squeeze my brain about anything...personally or work.
Our next event is the best eg.its our dream come true do smething related to Nature..contests for kids has always been in our mind..and yes, to be frank I have been pushing this concept everytime we wanna do smethg new.
This time, its all set...sponsors,venue,stalls...but registrations are definitely not pouring in the way I had visualised..:-((
To get keep the fingers crossed... has been the scenario everytime.But stil, the satisfaction that we derive after every event,keeps pushing us.
And yes, we should concentrate more on Birthday parties..which has been our forte...and ofcourse little less nerve cracking...
Im so happy that an article about us has come in express is jus the start..:-)


  1. I agree, it's hard to keep the ball in the air when we have to juggle so many things in life. Congratulations on the article again! Keep up the good job.


  2. Once again, congrats on the article :)
    Take a little break Shobana and you will soon be recharged for the next event :) hope aunty is fine now....
    All the best for 'Like Mommy Like Kiddy' :)